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It’s been explained now a docent times. By encouraging subscribers to not cancel their subscription every other month (vacation, summer, etc) the business generates a predictable cashflow.

Whether it’s better for the business to lock those folks in or to lose some users but eventually benefit from a higher price point remains unclear. (Though it’s not unseen. Insurances in Europe do the same. The longer you stay on and the more you book with them, the cheaper it gets.)

Whatever it is, it has zero influence on your price point. You would have to pay the same amount either way. So why complain? I mean nobody would complain that new users get the same features for the same price although they haven’t supported the business in developing those features.

Funny enough you mentioned you are from Denmark. Where the minimum wage is the highest in Europe plus you benefit from favorable exchange rates. Factoring all that in you are likely getting it way cheaper than anybody else. Would you accept a higher price for Denmark then for Romania?

Slightly off topic, however I was thinking a while ago when my renewal came through that TR should add an option to pay more. What!? Are you crazy!? Well, you do see it on some freely available websites. They could add an option in their yearly renewal email stating the cost and asking if you would like to pay a little extra to continue to drive innovation in their product. Depending on my financial situation at the time, I think some year’s I’d be inclined to pay more.

Edit: Just remembered that this is what Bandcamp do. You can pay standard price for an album or pay more if you want to.


Very true and the type A’s have in my experiences at work caused toxic environments by constantly looking to find fault rather than see what they have.

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I am a TR user for seven plus years. I started using only in the winter months and then would unsubscribe. I understand why TR grandfathers subscribes. It keeps me using for longer and they have a steady stream of income to keep bringing great plans. They wouldn’t be able to function if everyone used only in the winter. It is a win/win situation.


I do not Think it is fair for students and other young people who start Cycling, that they must pay a High price, so that older people who are well off can pay a low price for the same product - only because the old people started their subscription while they were small kids.

Sounds like quite an assumption, and a bold one at that since it’s really nobody’s business who makes how much and what we think is fair to charge them based on our perception of their bank account


Student pricing is a completely different argument. Would it be worthwhile for TR to institute some kind of student/youth price? Yeah maybe that would get others on to the program but it can be difficult to monitor.

Personally I wish that people would stop talking about how they are on their “legacy” pricing. In my opinion it is a great thing that TrainerRoad do but just going on and on about it does rather seem like people use the cost as a proxy badge of honour for their length of time on the program, giving themselves a big old pat on the back at the expense of others. The cost is what the cost is.


Can we just go ahead and rename this thread “life lessons”?


I hear what you say.

I have a counter.

People who bought the exact same home floor plan of my house 7 years ago, paid 30 to 50k leas than I did… Should I be pissed?

People who bought houses when I was fresh out of college in 2002 bought them for possible hundreds of thousands less than a similar home now. Should I be pissed?

I know is not what you want to hear… But it is what it is. Beat price for most things is now. I let the new bike boat sail last year. And now instead of looking for a 4500 middle top bike, I’m looking at the same bikes but at 5500 and more.

Maybe tr could implement a one year deal where you pay certain amount and then it goes up certain amount every year…

There are certain prices structures that might work but will require work on their part…and work equals money they need to spend…


As someone who was a student when they started using TR I feel that this argument is extremely weak. Even at current pricing, a student would have to make 3.66/wk to afford TR. Sport and health are investments that we make in ourselves so that we can better enjoy life. Yes I pay the $99/yr but if the price was $190 when I started I still wouldn’t have had a problem with that since its something that even using the Low Volume plans is cheaper than a can of soda per workout


To believe in perfect equity in all parts of life? How unfortunate for those who subscribe to that philosophy, I can’t imagine the amount of time wasted on worrying about others’ fortunes. (I can imagine because I’m also a flawed human). I do find it odd that there are actually this many people who are salty about a progressive pricing structure. (It’s still $16 a month)


Totally agree with this. Of course Trainerroad should give customers an incentive to subscribe year round instead of cancelling. I don’t, i’ve only just started so i’m at the ‘higher’ price and I intend to cancel over summer and then I will sign back up at potentially an even higher price. If I wanted to keep the low price locked in I could, but I don’t. I don’t really understand why people would think this was unfair, don’t all gyms do this?

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Cable providers often won’t let you get on the introductory price. Or at least they didn’t when I was a cable customer.

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And if you cancel, they will only let you at new customer price if you been out for at least 12 months

Maybe in exchange for automatic registration for and priority access to early access/beta functionality? :rofl:

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I would just like to pay in my own countries currency and avoid the foreign conversion fees.
It can become more expensive when markets start moving in the wrong direction. I came close to not renewing last time because of that.


My renewal is in December and the yo-yo of the Pound around Brexit definitely needed its own TSS calculation on the calendar.


Wonder if you pay for the lapsed in time between price jumps they would honor the old price. Wouldn’t be much of a saving though.

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Wow. Interesting point. Their is such a thing as inflation. Also when I started my 3 kids were younger. Now that they are older they cost a lot more money. I think I was better off a few years ago.

Cable companies are the worst. I have to call Comcast every year to renegotiate. As long as I sign a year long contract with them, I can get the promotional rate. I used to have to call DirecTV on a yearly basis to renogiate. With them it was more of a true negotiation with unpublished offers and deals.

I used to work at a company with a subscription service. One reason not to raise rates is so that you don’t have to contact users. Every time you contact the user pool that is not using the product you get cancellations. You get them especially if you contact them to raise the price.