Differences in duration/TSS between indoor and outdoor workouts

Looking at doing Townsend tonight outdoors and duration goes up from 1:30 indoors to 2:15 outdoors along with a hike in TSS from 60 to 92.

Is this expected or a glitch on the Townsend outdoor workout?

seems to happen across a wide range. Highland goes from 5 hours indoors to 7 outside and Banderia goes from 6 hours indoors to 9 hours outside.

doing endurance rides outside is easy, I wouldn’t even bother with loading a workout. ride in zone 2 until you reach the desired tss or time and the desired adaptations of that kind of work will come.

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This is my week 4 program (Sustained Power Build MV) when doing everything inside.
Same workouts but then all outside:

I know there is some difference in indoor vs outdoor stress, but this much ? Not sure if intended.

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Duration of workouts is covered in the FAQs here:


Thanks for this - makes sense at one level however doesn’t appear to be particularly consistently applied (e.g. long sweetspot sessions seem to have the same duration). As per @Cory.Rood point, riding zone 2 sessions doesn’t really need the workout guidance.

Use your best judgement and experience of what’s possible where you ride. If you’ve got a flat route where it’s possible to keep pedaling non-stop then a 5 hour indoor ride maps nicely to a 5ish hour ride outside.


You’re right about this, it’s intentionally not consistent in that we don’t just add ‘x’ minutes to every ride once it’s elected to be done outside, nor is the additional time applied uniformally by category for every ‘sweet spot’ or ‘VO2max’ workout, for example.

Additional time for outside workouts is calculated based upon the type and duration of intervals within the workout individually. There are of course some endurance rides that have the same naming structure once set to outside, but for the more structured workouts, they’ll translate to Outside Workouts in a very individualized way!


I am still confused with all this, I have been using outside wko options since it launched and just recently I noticed that the software increased the duration by 2hrs (50%increase) when I switched from inside to outside on the Longfellow wko, this also happened on some others long rides I have in my calendar. I always thought that If you hit your IF and TSS prescribed then the duration should be very similar to the inside version of the wko