Data fields the pros use

No. I had initially only though to have a bar that filled up across the screen like a tachometer.

I have installed the three native graphical fields on an additional page to test out soon. My bike is currently out of action while I change out my lockout remote/dropper remote/shifter :man_facepalming:. So I can only test it on the stand up to about 5W

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Egan Bernal at home I presume.


With my new 1040 solar I really like the new stamina screen and have that up most of the time.


It’s a cool idea. Reminds me of one of the Xert fields I really liked when I used it.

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It is interesting but mainly I like the power and hr graphs over time. The “stamina” left I like to compare to how I feeling.

Have not used the power plan data fields yet but that one I do like the look of. I wish climb pro was able to be used without a course but for me not a deal breaker. 1040 solar battery life for me has been 50 hours without any solar back. So amazing.

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I have the Hammerhead Karoo, and use the circular power zone and circular heart rate zone data fields a lot.


Do Garmin and/or Wahoo have equivalents? (They probably precede HH’s in terms of release date…)

I’m not familiar with that. What does it do?

If you’re asking about the circular power data field, it shows your current power in Watts, outlined in a circle that changes position based on how you’ve defined your power zones.

I use 5 zones:
Everything higher than threshold

Really helps me easily pace, I just look for the color and position of the circle and know if I can push harder or need to ease off…


I was unaware of that feature…may have to try it out for the Dustbowl 100 this weekend. Could be a good pacing tool.

Yes, Garmin and Wahoo have similar things implemented in different ways.

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Or if you have a newer garmin head unit power plan would be useful.

I can’t seem to find the Power - Circular Zone setting on my Karoo 2…is it under the Power filed options?

When you’re choosing the data screen layout, choose a layout that includes the graphical data fields.

They look different than a standard data field. I believe the standard data fields are blank boxes in the layout screen, while the graphical data fields include some sort of visual or chart in grey.

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Does running ‘MapDashboard’ result in greater battery useage?

I’ve noticed no degradation in battery performance.

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Just installed it. It’s missing an important data field for me😔 If it had IF or NP I’d never use anything but the map screen.

I assume you looked at all of the potential data fields in the Connect IQ app? I’m at work and dont have my Edge with me. Also, have you contacted the App maker? They may be able to add IF and NP in future updates - seems like it should be easy given that they have the rest of the infrastructure in place.

I did contact the app creator. He responded that neither NP or IF are avaliable in CIQ. He does have them on his todo list though to work on.

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Went through setup as well last night and noticed NP (ideally Lap NP) missing too. Glad to hear they’re working on it though!

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FYI, I just tried the 4 field version on my 1040. I was able to assign it to the 2 field layout and show the full 4 data fields and then assign IF/NP and it’s lap variants to the other.

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