Cycling shoes, do you splurge on shoes, favorite shoe and how much if you want to divulge

Awesome info, thanks. The S6 is like a glove to me, along with the Giro Empire, so sounds like the R1 is too wide.

Bummer, really wanted to give them a go.

this sound really strange to me
I always found Specy too wide for me
old Sidi models were a bit narrow for me but not the last ones

These are my, uh, “vintage” Ergo 1s :grin:

You can see they are really wide just looking at them.

Also the heel just started separating this week… May have to finally give up the fight. I keep them in my office when I have to train here.


I only had Genius some year ago, think almost 10, and they were a little bit uncomfortable to me … but maybe it’s only because their low level

I splurged and spent £250 on a pair of white Fizik R1B’s a year or so ago.

I’d had a pair of Sidi Genius 5’s in the same size that were ever so slightly to small for me and were really uncomfortable on the bit toes after so many miles.

The Fizik’s have been great, and when you divide the cost by the miles done, they actually owe me very little.

No point cheaping out on a pair of shoes when your bike costs £xxxx

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I had a Shimano in 7 (41) WIDE and it feels pretty much the same as my Specialized Torch 3.0 in 7 (41). For the Torch 3.0 i need cleat wedges though to get rid of hot spots on the outer side, which was not required for the Shimano.

/me looks at cheap pair of dhb tri shoes…

I suspect a stiffer sole might translate power a little better than the nylon soles these have :smiley:

let me add a detail: a few months ago I wrote them because the rubber strip on the top of the tongue of my R1 was cracking after 1 year and 10k km; I hoped they could change it under warranty.

they sent me a pair of new R1 Infinito without even asking the old ones in return: now I’m using the old ones on trainer :smiley:
top customer service

Local shop here has Shimano S-Phyre RC9 Shoes on clearance, last years model, for 200 usd, half off. Tempted to check them out, see what they’re about.

There are a few last year models floating around. The Sidi’s I have coming today were last year models also, 300 versus 500 for the latest and greatest.

Definitely try them on. I forget the year but, I bought a pair w/o trying them first. The sole was built up in the arch area but way too far forward for my arch. 5 minutes and it evident there was no way they were going to work.

I like the look of these shoes, surprised they kept the lower strap. Currently running Bontrager, so it would be an easy switch over.

Dang! That’s a sweet looking tractor! :smiley::+1:

There was something about shoes or something…? :thinking:


More details please.
I’ve got Torch 3s with the exact same prob (among many other problems with this shoe).


:laughing: Ha! Yeah the golf course is redoing some bunkers…Getting some nice new sand ready for my Palmers…lol.

I can just imagine a golf shoe thread. :roll_eyes:

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Probably comparable. These are on the pricey side for cycling:
or these

I’ve had Giro and specialized shoes and loved them both. Had both lace ups and BOA dials. I’d definitely go BOA dials where possible as it’s much easier to adjust if your foot swells on a long ride or to psyche people out before a sprint :grinning:

Same deal back in the days of downtube shifters. I know…I’m old. :confused:

Haha. It would definitely harder to subtly change gears for an attack.

S-Works 7!

I also own a pair of S-Works 5 and S-Works 6. The S-Works 7 combines the best qualities of the previous two generations w/further improvements.

Yes, they’re expensive (~400USD) But cycling shoes can last a long time. A pair of running shoes is ~100USD. I go through a pair in 3-4 months. So, $300-400 USD/year. A pair of cycling shoes lasts years unless you crash and/or abuse them. My S-Works 5 have become my trainer shoes. However, they still look and feel great.

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