Cycling shoes, do you splurge on shoes, favorite shoe and how much if you want to divulge

Not really, they feel about the same as when I first got them.

One thing about changing the insole… the stock SIDI insole has a blue color to it. If (when) you ride in the rain or wet, the blue color will bleed onto your socks and stain them. I have ruined a few pair of Q36.5 socks because of this.

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I’ve had Specialized for the last 15 years. Last year I bought a pair of Tourch 2.0 with a wide toe box and even though it only has a 6.0 stiffness sole, I don’t notice any flex. The shoes are light and comfortable and not outrageously expensive at $200 CDN or $150 USD. I would buy them again.

As someone with very wide feet, I have found only Lake shoes are wide enough for me. I have a pair of the CX217 wide and the CX237 wide. I find the 237s are a little wider and with the double Boa the are much more comfortable

Appreciate the tip! Definitely taking the insoles out in favor of something better.

It has been suggested that I immerse the shoes in water and then use a hair Dryer to “mold” them to my feet. I’m familiar with the process in molding snowboard boots (heat moldable), but hesitate to do this with expensive cycling shoes!

Thinking that new insoles and sweating in them should do the trick to break them in!

S-works 6 here. XC version for cyclocross and mtb, and then I bought a pair of the road version for my trainer bike. They’ve only been outside once but are so, so worth it.

If either pair went missing tomorrow, I would immediately order another pair.


I buy Empire SLX and VR90 lace-up Giros for everything because that shoe works for me. I spend a lot of time in shoes and I have a pair at just over four years old now, still doing great.

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I have feet on the wider end of the spectrum (although I still wear standard width shoes). The usual suspects, like Shimano, Giro, etc feel a bit narrow for me. I’ve tried Northwave with success, but last year I decided to go out on a limb and order a pair of Bont Helixes without first trying them on. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. These are a “carbon tub” style shoe, so they sort of cradle the bottom of your foot, but maintain a high stiffness. They’re also heat moldable to your feet (which I actually haven’t done) to customize them even further. I don’t think I’ll look anywhere else for shoes, and now own multiple pairs in different colors. The price is around $400 if you buy direct, but you might be able to find them elsewhere for cheaper.


Not sure how many revisions back these are but I’ve had these for three plus years

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A couple more I’m wanting to try. Suplest Road Pro and Lake CX332:

Started with some three Velcro, plastic soled Specialized. They were fine, but tight (46).

Got some Sidi’s (as I had mtb sidis), but my toes would go to sleep. They looked like these ones shown, but without the stripes.

Then got used Factors that someone had bought and tried, but they didn’t work for them. They’re fine, got a 47. Paid about $100, back when they were way more in the shops.

Then got some older s-works, as the newer s-works are all too narrow for me. These are my main shoes now. (also 47)

I’m probably going to get Empire’s for the road and mtb next, but they’re behind a power meter in the shopping list.

Hi, I had that problem with the ‘tongue’ digging into my ankle. Saw the pros cut down into the prepared holes and followed their example. Now perfect.

Have used Sidi shoes for years having tried Giro & Shimano. They are the best.

I ended up giving into temptation, picked up last years Sidi’s Wire Push Speedplay Cycling Shoe for 300. Now I’ve got two good pairs of shoes that should last me a very long time

You can get the S-Works in Wide.

I tried on a number of Specialized, Scott, Fizik and Suplest shoes today. The Suplest won my feet and heart despite the $359 price tag. Very impressive shoes. Looking forward to testing them out tomorrow.


I have got some S-works trail (first generation) shoes which I love. Or I did love them. Now they dont fit anymore. It look like my feet has become bigger and they are too narrow.
I havent got to buying new shoes yet as these where so good, and so expensive. I am using an older pair of shoes instead.
I will probably splurge on shoes if that is necessary, but the most important is that the shoe fits well.

I’ve had a lot of shoes over the years, always low / medium level and price, and I never thought they could make a difference as long as I bought the top of the Fizik range, the R1 ones.

thanks (perhaps ?) to the very rigid carbon sole, the feeling was of a greater and better transfer of power to the pedals: no bending of the sole, all the power expressed is transferred directly.

I consider it a really good purchase with,for me, surprising implications

How narrow is the fit on the R1s?

I could say “normal fit”
My last 3 shoes was Vittoria and they fit the same: not narrow like Sidi and not wide like Northwave

Gotcha. I actually have always found Sidi very middle of the road,with Giro and Specialized more on the narrow side, so the Fiziks may be a bit wide for me.

I just tried on a number of shoes including the R1 and R4, Specialized S-Works 6 and 7 and Suplest. The R1 was wider than I thought and super comfortable with the “new” two sided closure system. The R4 was much narrower in the toe box for sure and didn’t fit my feet at all which was a surprise. The S-Works 7 fits much wider than the 6 in the toe box and just easier to get on for some reason. The Suplest felt very close to the R1 as the closure system is very similar.

One caveat, the R1 I tried was the knit. The shop didn’t have a pleather upper version in stock. I opted for the Suplest because it felt more solid an durable compared to the R1 but, I’m almost positive that’s due to the material of the upper. I might have purchased the R1 if it wasn’t the knit. The only other aspect of the R1 I was leery of was the durability of the little loops that the BOA wire looped through to pull the shoe together. I seem to be hard on shoes and if any of the loops were to split the shoe would be all but worthless. Something to consider…