Cycling shoes and insoles


With my cycling shoes, I occasionally get some (keyword) slight discomfort on my big toe - I (think) I picked the “right size” for me as one up is too big and one down is too small. However, when I take the insoles out (the ones that came with the shoe), it was a lot better! Just wanted to ask if it’s safe to ride without the manufacturer’s insole?

My suggestion: get actual insoles with arch support (i.e superfeet). Made a world of difference for me.

Whatever works. I have had luck with no insoles and I have had luck with aftermarket insoles.

I don’t think it would fit, cause the current one is snug as it is with the manufacturer’s insole.

Do you know if it cause more harm to ride without insoles?

Whatever works. I made the mistake of buying Giro Techlace shoes that enable you to modify the arch support and I love them. But they are really expensive and now I want a pair of mtb ones as well. Grmpf