Crusher in the Tushar 2023 - Tire Choice

Looking for recommendations for tires to run for Crusher coming up in 2 weeks. Course is a 40/60 split between tarmac and dirt/gravel sections and from what I’ve read there are sections of loose/rough dirt and some sandy areas. Most of my training has taken place on the trainer or on the road and its been a few years since I’ve gotten in solid time riding single track or gravel (ie bike handling skills are average). Also not too knowledgeable around tire choice, etc. so any thoughts / recommendations would be helpful. Currently running 44mm WTB Byway TCS tires and wondering if I’m good or should consider changing ahead of the race.

This is my first time doing Crusher so take anything I say with a grain of salt, but I’m running a Vitoria Terreno Dry front and rear mainly due to tire clearance restrictions on my frame. Gravel where I live is often some combination of chunky, steep, sandy, and loose and these have done pretty well for me. That said, if I could fit a 42 I would probably go with a Specialized Rhombus because they apparently roll faster than non sworks pathfinders on tarmac despite having good knobs. Good luck at the race!

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Makes sense. Thanks for the reply and good luck to you as well!

How did your race go? Ultimately I think my tire choice worked out good but I wasn’t pushing the descents so who knows if there was something better. I finished but I was really slow haha!