Converting old Alu road bike to Gravel

Hi all,

I do not have space at home for another bike, but I still have my first ever Alu road bike, and I would like to know what would it take to convert it to a Gravel bike.

For starters from the top of my mind, I need to check the tire clearance, how much would you guys recommend? Granted it will depend on the terrain but what is a good place to start? 32mm for instance?
Maybe the tire clearance already is a no go for the project… but then I would need to get a pair of gravel wheels.
What other things should I keep in mind or would you recommend chaining?

check this out: 650B Conversion Guidlines

650B conversion using extra long reach caliper brakes will allow you to run wider tyres. rim brake 650B wheelsets are a bit hard to come by these days but you could give wheelbuilding a try!

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Pacenti sells a rim-brake 650B wheelset, looks pretty shiny. I tried getting 650B into my old specialized roubaix but the chainstays didn’t open enough to allow anything wider than 32mm even with a 650B wheel so I decided not to bother. Some hybrid frames are pretty ripe for conversion to gravel and sometimes deals can still be found, depending on what the used market is like these days… I’m surprised at some of the deals seen local to me, despite the bike shortage.

I’ve not got room for another bike either but I do have an old ti frame sitting in a cupboard (although it is caliper). If I get round to it I thinking new disc wheels/ sti’s, a new disc brake specific fork and a disc brake converter for the rear. It can take 28mm with full mudguards so I think it’ll have room for 700c wheels with gravel tyres or maybe I should go 650b :thinking: