Congrats Nate on Telluride finish!

No Maybe about it…you’re NotSpartacus.

Good job Nate! Live life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us. Everytime we get in a car to drive to work or grocery store we are taking a calculated risk. None of us will get out of this world alive.

Fully agree with this. It’s amazing how people always come out with pitchforks:

Group 1: How dare you race (or insert other activity) and endanger yourself and everyone around you?

Group 2: This is all overblown! Let people do what they want. In fact, corona-party anyone?

Whatever happened to “This is a complicated topic, let’s just do our best to deal with it”?

What about trying to keep everyone as informed as possible, and let them make their own decisions within the boundaries of what is legally allowed? Nate clearly spent a decent amount of time weighing the pros and the cons, and chose to go race with what he deemed proper precautions and mitigation measures. I hope he enjoyed it, had a great race, and stayed safe ( 6 crashes :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning: Ouch!).

Personally I would still not be comfortable flying to a race (on the off-chance I get the virus back to my or someone else’s kids), but I fully respect Nate’s thought process and decision on that. To each is own! Not every decision in life needs to be polarized…

By the by, congrats @Nate_Pearson! It looks like it was a hard race, and you did well. I’m curious what the takeaways will be in the next podcast. Don’t forget to trash-talk your co-host (gently), they took a few solid digs at you last week about this race :smiley: :smiley:


I raced my first muddy MTB race last year at Iceman. There were sections of mud that was easily 3 inches deep. It was crazy how much power you had to put down for such little speed and how wrecked my body was at the end from wrestling the bike around in the slippery mud.
I also basically destroyed every bearing in my bike and by the time I got back home the next day I couldn’t turn the cranks or spin the back wheel.

Great excuse to buy a new bike … LOL

HA! unfortunately I didn’t have ‘new bike’ money so I had to settle on a new bottom bracket, new RD, and new wheelset (real cheep of wiggle) to go from 27.5+ to 29.