Compact Chainring (50-34) with 11-40 cassette (XT/XTR)

Hi All,
I’m wondering if the community can share long term experiences with 2x Mullet type of setups, as the title indicates. I’m very interesting in doing this upgrade for next year, my main concern is the precision and speed of shifting. I’ve heard that the issues are usually in the small cogs.

The tradeoff between XT, XTR is price vs weight…and durability.


Thanks a lot!

I might be wrong but I think you could get a similar end result with a GRX chainset and front mech?

You can go as low as 31 (small ring) x 34 big sprocket. = 0.91…I do not want to change my front chain rings yet, because that’s my dual power meter. My query is specifically about compact mullet.

I have been very happy with my setup.

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Can you run an xtr di2 rear with GRX hoods and a 2x dura ace di2 front / crank?

I have 50-34 and 11-40 on my Trek Domane. Ultegra, medium cage derailleur with the wolftooth roadlink extender.

The bike shifts fine - but I’m generally shifting in a controlled, smooth way - i.e. no panic shifting like you might do in a race or on a MTB.


I’m running a rotor 46x30 with an 11-36 cassette. Ultegra Di2 works just like in-spec. 11-40 would also probably be fine with a bit of b-screw tweaking.

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By the way. This is the best gearing for all things off -road. Non MTB

50-34, 11/40

Enough at the bottom and the top with small jumps in between. Can’t think of a better combination.