Close call during a race

The discussion regarding physical contact during road races in the latest podcast reminded me of this one time I got lucky in a local race here in Iceland. See video below

It all happens within the last 1200 mtrs of a local road race. This is the front group of the B category (cat 3-5 ish, mostly 5). A guy in blue (left side of the screen) goes for a long sprint (1000 mtrs). Everybody gets ramped up. A guy almost directly in front of me gets squeezed and handlebars get hooked. Simultaneously on my right side a guy veers to his right and unZipps (pun intended) another racer’s front wheel. That’s when I subconsciously slowed down.

I counted my blessings after that race.

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IMO, the rider in the light blue jersey was at fault. The one directly in front of the camera, out of the saddle effort. That gap he was shooting for was always going to get pinched shut. Got lucky in the end.

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It’s somewhat similar to what happened at the US crit championships with Justin Williams. I don’t fault the rider in the light blue kit; the gap was there and he went for it with the assumption that the other two would hold their lines. At the end of the day that’s racing. High risk, low reward decisions.

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That was scary to watch! They all got lucky and I applaud their handling skills, balance, and ability to make contact and recover. Glad nothing happened and you didn’t get caught up in it.