Cleats that don't need to twist to release

A colleague of mine has knee issues and they think that the action of twisting out of their cleats is aggravating it.

Are there any cleats that don’t need a twist to release?

Without knowing the specifics of their issues it’s hard to say, but…

I’m unaware of any cleats that don’t require a twist to release. However, there are a few options worth considering:

  1. Use cleats with less float - these would require less of a twist to release.
  2. Multi-release cleats (not sure if there are road versions of these - they might need to investigate MTB SPDs) - these allow release by twisting the foot inwards rather than outwards.

I’d have thought that the issue is unlikely to result from twisting out of their cleats though, as this is only done a handful of times per ride. Generally, knee issues are helped by having more float in the cleats, but this requires a greater twist to release.

Really the best thing to do would be to have a proper bike fit. They may require shoe insoles or cleat shims to ensure proper knee tracking during the pedal stroke.

Thank you - they aren’t a TR user (yet) but they are watching this thread - and may respond.

SM-SH56. Minimum tension. Just pull the foot off the pedal in any direction you like, even straight up.

I recommend they go with TIME XPRESSO Pedals, minimal twist to get out, but they hold up well. I have been using a set for about 2 years now. I have had issues with my left knee and these are great. I went for KEO pedals to these and not going back.

I suspect that your friend is a road rider, so this will be a bit of an odd suggestion, but Crankbrothers Candy pedals would be a great option. They have a very light action and adjustable float which are perfect for bad knees. They don’t have a pronounced click and don’t require much force to get out, expecially compared to road pedals. One of my friends who is recovering from ACL surgery is using these pedals since the twisting is aggrivating to him as well.

Once issue you may run into with road shoes though is that you will need the two slot MTB cleat mounting option, and not all road shoes have that.



Just to round this off, they’ve tightened the float and release and are feeling much better.

Thank you all