Cleat replacement

How often do cleats/screws get replaced? I have an expensive pair of mtb shoes I’ve been using for 3 years and just noticed the cleats/screws are RUSTED. I have an important race in a few monthes and I don’t think I want to chance it and risk a cleat breaking. If I replace the cleats I will get new shoes as well to break them in before race time… Anyone use any stainless or titanium setups to prevent rust?

Never had an issue with cleat bolts breaking in probably 20 years of using SPD pedals…I would check and make sure they are tight periodically. If you replace them spray some sort of lube/penetrant on them once in a while to keep them from rusting.

Titanium bike cleat bolt kit. I use them on my CX shoes, and rust has been averted for a few years now. Otherwise, regular application of grease is probably necessary, especially if they’ve been wet for a while. As for rust on the cleat, I don’t worry so much about that. Most rust there is more likely superficial as it takes a really corrosive environment to dig deep into the metal. As long as the cleat feels snug in the pedal, I’d say it’s fine. Heck, it can be rust-free, and not feel snug anymore, and that’s definitely worth replacing.

A dab of grease on the threads and unless the screw crowns are really corroded I wouldn’t worry, I live on small muddy Isle that has salt everywhere, including in the mud, really corrosive and still not had an issue.

If you are running SPDs I have never heard of anyone breaking a cleat, they are indestructible (awaits comments about how wrong I am :slight_smile: )