Category Upgrades (USA Cycling) Minimum Distance

Does anybody know if the time/distance minimums for upgrade points both have to be fulfilled or whether it’s sufficient for one to be fulfilled? For a USAC-sanctioned category 4/5 criterium that is 30 minutes long but usually doesn’t end up being 15 miles (more like 12-13), can a cat 4 rider get upgrade points?

It’s mostly an academic question since I plan on racing both the 4/5 and 3/4 races. But I guess it might help managing efforts. :slight_smile:

If the race is a criterium, then the time is all that matters.

If a road race doesn’t meet the distance requirements for a road race, but does meet them for a criterium, then you are eligible for points as listed in the criterium points table.

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Yeah. Time is all that matters.

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