Carbon 1 vs Carbon 2

I’ve come to the only place I trust for advise :slight_smile:

Which carbon style do you prefer? Or even which style is currently the fashion right now?

My wife’s family are starting a new production and they asked me what is “in” right now to which I responded “no idea” :sweat_smile:.
They tell me that both are identical in terms of quality. The aesthetics are obviously not.

Would love to hear some feedback.

Carbon 1 vs Carbon 2
  • Carbon 1 (1st photo)
  • Carbon 2 (2nd photo)

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think you need to put the start of the poll on a new line, after the 2nd picture:

Thanks, I was wondering why it looked so weird. Didn’t see the beginning was hidden up with the other text.

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Your question is kinda weird. Usually I prefer carbon that combines maximal strength, robustness against impacts and light weight. :wink:

In all seriousness, it depends. If money is no object, then a perfectly aligned weave is a nice thing. Think of hypercars like those from Koenigsegg. But that’s incredibly expensive, because the human brain is very good at recognizing deviations from patterns.

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Thanks for the comment, I know it’s a strange question, my wife’s family ask me strange questions :slight_smile:

I prefer UD

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I don’t know if I am right. But it appears to me that when something is a carbon wrap its hidden behind a carbon wrap like the pictures to pretend it’s something it isn’t but when something is actually carbon its hidden behind a matt finish :thinking:

3k accepts/distributes loads more evenly, and is more impact resistant. This is why you sometimes see 3k laid up strategically on bike frames in places like bottom bracket, bottle cage bosses, fork crown. Also a lot of high end components (handlebars, sestposts) are made of 3k carbon. So anecdotally I think it’s lighter to build with (see uber light manufacturer Darimo for an idea).

I believe UD can be structurally stronger, and makes up the majority of bike frames under the paint.

Anyway, to your question, I think UD is cleaner more modern looking :grin:

I think you removed the purpose of production, however my wife has working day job knowledge of the other end of that part. She picked 1 but her first question was “is that legal?” :rofl: (I voted for 2).

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It’s all legal but well spotted :slight_smile:

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