Cannondale Caad 12

Looking for inspiration to upgrade my winter bike, currently Ultegra disc with Fulcrum rims… what you got?

Step1: go to ENVE website.
Step2: add items to cart
Step3: repeat until you’ve replaced everything that can be, or you get divorced, or go broke.



Go on any website that sells bike parts then sort price highest to lowest. Repeat for each component

Haha already done that with my with my other bike! So just looking for realistic upgrades people can recommend before I end up single :joy:

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I’ll play devil’s advocate here (hopefully in the helpful sense)… don’t buy any gear you don’t strictly need or very specifically want. The money is better invested, or spent on dinner with your wife.

If you definitely want to spend this money on cycling, you’ll get more pleasure out of it by signing up for a special ride, special trip, overnight ride with friends, four-hour hamburger run with friends, or any other kind of experience.

Gear shopping as a source of satisfaction is overrated.


For me: wheels. It depends on how you use the bike and what you want. I’m currently using my overtime money to save for Royal CL 50s to throw on my bike as I see them as good all-round rims in the rolling hills that I live in.

If you just ride around in the snow, expensive rims might not be the way to go but if your winter is the Texas kind, it might be an awesome idea :-). Same goes for DI2 and other random carbon parts…

Regarding Caad 12, I had impression this late alloy technology rivals some carbon road bikes? It really is efficient and I bet you better in some cases for big riders who need max stiffness in sprints or in a criterium?
I have no doubt that Carbon shines more for the elite road racers for fatique reducing vibration dampening, and climbing, but for max power on flat land and limited distances, are you sure Cannondales Cadd 12 or 13 is second fiddle to their Evo and Synapse Carbon?

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After many bikes in many years, my love for the CAAD series stays. Got a 9, 10, 12 and now a 13 and just want to keep on riding it. 10 was a harsh beast, 12 the best and 13 grows old with me. And no I don’t do crit’s.

I’m not sure I’d spend much money on upgrading a winter bike. Ultegra disc and a good aluminium frame sounds spot on to me. Get some fresh new bar tape, good winter tyres (ideally tubeless), and save the money to take the Mrs out.

Then when you spend 2k on a new set of wheels for your ‘good’ bike, you may get away with it :rofl: