Can only doing TrainNow workouts skew AI FTP?

I’ve been off the bike for a few years time and started training ~2 months ago. My initial FTP was 123 and then had an 11.4% increase (137). All my workouts were doable at 137 and today, it went up to 150.

I’m not on a plan, and typically stick to 45min-1hr Endurance, Sweet Spot, and Threshold workouts. Am I setting up myself for trouble once I start a formal plan?

No, from what I have seen high anaerobic capacity can somewhat skew aiftp but doing vo2max and below not so much that you cannot train in the TR ecosystem because even when your FTP is overestimated workout progress levels make the workouts correct

I don’t see any issues with this!

AI FTP Detection takes into account all of your riding, not just TrainNow or TR Plan workouts. You’re feeding it data on what you’re capable of doing, and that’s getting reflected in your recent FTP changes. Nice work!

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Not at all. It sounds like you’ve started a plan (at least a training system) already albeit not an official plan and making steady progress :clap:. An official plan will only allow you to build on that progress and perhaps avoid a training plateau that your current TN system may have led to.


Thank you all. Feels great to be back on the bike!

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