BWR NC 2024 who's going?

Yeah I saw the Jeter downhill! That will be interesting. I saw the segment on Strava and saw my time up it last year had an avg speed of 4.8 mph haha!


Good luck to everyone riding/racing on Saturday!


Anyone read the Bjible yet? What is the deal with the ‘Irate Pit Bull’ half way, up and down, OUDE KIRK?

One of my bike club has posted information about an NCDOT project that looks like it could affect the course at about mile 37-38 of the Waffle route.

"Green River Rd. will be closed from June17th until July 5th. DOT will be replacing the small bridge 1/4 mile past Cabin Creek Rd."

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WOW!!! You and my anxiety are close friends these days.

Just looked in the NCDOT project site, thanks for the heads up.
Yes, there is a project awarded to replace this bridge. The project milestones do not show if the contractor has mobilized yet, which gives our race big hopes of no reroutes.
Those dates are not posted, but if the contractor said they will start on June 17th, normally they start about 2 weeks late.

Project Id: BP14-T013
Contact: Zach Shuler /

Finger crossed! When I saw Blue Ridge Bike Club post about not riding Cabin Creek/Bob’s Creek loop, well, that was concerning.

How was it? Did you like the new routes?

I did the Wafer and finished in 5:20. I did the Wafer last year as well. The course this year was definitely toned down a bit but I think it was just right. Still a fun event with a lot of rough sections, but not having the bottlenecks made it all much much better.
The chunky gravel section (forget the name of the road) was definitely challenging. I had 44c tires and if I had less I think it would have been really difficult.
The Jeter mountain downhill was super fun IMO but I heard there was a bad crash. I didn’t see it though. I passed a lot of people going down Jeter.
I put a dropper post on for this year and I 100% think it was worth it. It made navigating the single track much easier for me.
I personally really enjoyed it. I still think the entry fee is too high but then again I paid it so shrug I was not given a food ticket this year and when I asked they said the food is only for purchase, which is kind of annoying to me because it stated you get a food ticket when you sign up for the event. I’m sure the tacos I got in town were better anyway.
I stand by my decision to go on the bigger side of tires for this event. Even though there is a lot of road you just lose so much by having small tires on this course with the type of gravel that is out there.

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Thanks for the update on the new route. I did the original Wafer route and loved it. I did the Falling Creek version and hated it. This route looks better. I’m glad that you had fun.

$250 entry fee and no food?!? Who do they think they are, Unbound?!? lol

You had a Food and a Beer ticket at Unbound this year…plus the food ticket was good at any of the food vendors, so you had a ton of food options.

not if you finished after midnight. I wouldn’t expect a meal after midnight at unbound but I would have been happy with a coke and a snickers bar