British Cycling eChampionships

British Cycling and Zwift did a fantastic job with the national eCycling Championships yesterday. The coverage was superb, and the racing nail-biting! I think it really showed the world what can be done with the platform and has opened the door for eCycling to move to a much bigger stage.

The production was briliant, and so happy to see Zwifters rather than professional cyclists win both the mens and womens titles. Shows that there’s more to Zwift than just turning the pedals.

Can’t wait tio see where this takes it:)


Anyone who missed it, it’s worth watching on youtube…

First two sessions

BTsport Live broadcast Final session

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My IRL and Zwift teammate was riding at the event yesterday. He said it was a huge step up from any of the live Zwift events he’s done before. I hope they keepthe momentum up.

The men’s scratch race was just brilliant to watch!!!

Jeffers has a fantastic YouTube channel, been following him all year - that race and production value was so good!

Agreed…watched it as well and because I knew some of the riders who have YouTube channels related to cycling I really enjoyed the spectacle and found it very exciting. It was done very professionally as well which helped.