Bottle Drying Rack

I have been pondering this one for a while and want to mine the collective experience here to see what I can find out.

I have a whole cabinet in our kitchen that is for my water bottles. I’m a triathlete so in peak season I can be going through a lot of bottles a day. That said, those bottles need washed and then dried… and there is the quandary… does anyone have a good bottle drying rack solution? The only ones I’ve found online are more for baby bottles and a lot are double levels that won’t fit a cycling water bottle on the bottom.

So, what do ya’ll use?

We bought some of these. In the end though, we went back to just standing them up. You can fit a lot more bottles in the same space upright without the rack.

I wash my bottles in the dishwasher on the top rack and when unloading the d/w I give the bottles a shake to dislodge water droplets and then if they’re still a bit wet, they get a few hours (or until whenever) air drying on dish rack next to the sink. I do often put them in the rack open side up to help w evaporation.


When my kids were little I used their bottle drying rack and it worked great. I didn’t have a problem getting the bottles to fit.

This one even has an adjustable top level. I suppose you could even take it off if your bottles were still too tall.

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I made my own years ago. These days they just go into the dishwasher.


Could use a home brewing bottling tree?

Actually, would a glass drying mat or the mesh that they use in pubs be handier? Those could be in the cabinet.

I use one of these:

It’s for my kid’s bottles, but works well for grown-up bottles and other odd-shaped items that need drying.

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