BMC URS vs Ibis Hakka mx

Looking to get pick up a new bike and can’t decide between the two - BMC URS Apex build vs Hakka MX Rival build.

Has anyone ridden the latest BMC URS bike? Thoughts?

I can’t speak to the Hakka MX, but I did pick up a BMC URS Four (Apex) and I have been very impressed, purely because of the comfort offered by the MTT and D-shaped seat post, which has some flex, offering a less harsh ride as compared to my FOCUS Mares cX Bike.

My 2cents…

That’s awesome to hear. I’ve been leaning toward the URS but hesitant to pull the trigger being there’s not a dealer near me that has one in stock to inspect/ test ride.

How long have you owned it and how many miles logged? Any long rides? I’m looking to use it for several gravel events on the West Coast.

No real long rides, I’m in the midst of a training block and took advantage of my recovery week and a stretch of good weather here in Kansas and did a handful of rides the longest being 36-miles.

The supply is certainly thin. Think is from talking to my LBS I don’t think the supply is going to be restocked until late this year, especially with supply chain out of China being disrupted by the Corona virus.