Blog Post Request: How to choose a power meter

I’ve read a lot about different power meters out there (Hello, DC Rainmaker) but the vast majority of reviews caveat, “there’s no one best power meter, it will depend on X, Y, Z preferences”. I would love to see a quiz or process flow that helps users decide which power meter (or type of power meter) makes the most sense for one’s use cases.

I am tagging @IvyAudrain so she can consider adding this to the wish list for TR.

Edit to add some related articles I found via Google:


IMO, unless you have a MTB, then you chose whatever your wallet allows you to get.

My preference is chainrings/crank spider. I have a C1 power meter.

thank you, these are great! i still think a quiz-type tool could be helpful for lazy folk like myself, as well as an interesting inbound marketing tool. but i have definitely appreciated reviewing these resources!

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  • Sure, but one that is actually successful would take some serious programming effort and time. Considering that, I see no incentive for TR to take that on. They make no money and have no vested interest in what power meter people choose.

  • That would be best done by a PM seller, to help potential buyers decide between the large range of options. Something like that that takes a handful of inputs and spits out options makes sense for narrowing down the seemingly endless options.

  • It’s nearly parallel to the whole “What trainer should I buy?” questions we see repeated each season. Many variables from budget, bike compatibility and environment considerations make a “simple” suggestion anything but easy.

I like the idea but realistically there are too many variables

Its like a shoe picker website - it would ask you some questions and show you about 15 shoes that you might like…

I’ve had wheel based - rock solid - likely the most consistent - set and forget - change the battery twice a year - but limited to that one wheel

I’ve had crank based - rock solid - set and forget - change the batteries monthly - but limited to that one bottom bracket and specific crank designs made it challenging to change between bikes

I’ve now got pedal based - rock solid - set and forget -charge the batteries once in a while (monthly ish) - most versatile - I can move between my four bikes - but risk stand point - out of the 3 most likely to be damaged in some way (crash, pedal strikes, clumsiness) and I am limited to the one pedal cleat interface

the matrix would cause you to still question the output, putting you back into paralysis by analysis.

And then there is fit… does it fit your bike? or your foot? you would almost be better just asking the forum, detailing your situation and then going with the one that fits your bike(s), your style and diving in…

I would recommend Favero Assioma’s - dual sided YMMV


I’ll definitely communicate this to the marketing team for consideration! I agree that choosing a power meter can be overwhelming, it may help a lot of our athletes to know what works best with TrainerRoad across multiple devices and platforms. :+1:

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SRAM has a quiz-like tool to help you find the right (Quarq, 'natch) power meter:

Obviously it doesn’t include Favero, Garmin, etc.

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Exactly what I’m leaning toward!