Bike Tire Rotation

What is the common opinion with regards to Tire wear and Tire Rotations?

It is common for the rear tire to wear significantly faster than the front tire. This means that often you need to replace the rear tire before the front one, which brings up the question of “Should I rotate (Swap) my bike tires rather than replace both at the same time?”.

What do you do when the REAR tire is worn-out?

  • I change both FRONT and REAR at the same time - regardless of wear
  • Rotate USED FRONT to REAR and buy a new tire and install NEW on the FRONT
  • Rotate USED REAR to FRONT and try to equalize the wear before buying new tire
  • Buy a new tire and install on the REAR. Leave FRONT as it is until it needs replacement
  • I dont replace my tires…

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It’s a no brainer to rotate the front to rear and replace the front with new, unless you prefer to waste money!


I inspect the tires and make a decision based on what I see. If nothing is wrong, I have had no issues moving the front to rear and starting with a new front.

Alternatively I just post pictures to r/cycling and ask about the wear of my components that clearly have exceeded the meaningful lifespan but I just want a second opinion.

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I’m sure it wouldn’t happen but on clinchers I always swap from the front to the rear. The theory being a blow out on the rear is controllable and front blow out may not, so you want your best rubber on the front. The rear wears out first anyway. However, since I went road tubeless back in 2018, I think I replaced both of the original schwalbe’s at the same time for conti 5000TL’s, and when the rear 5000 TL wore out I replaced it alone (the mess and drama of a new tyre installation, will it seat etc convinced me not to touch the front). I’ll probably replace them both in a bit with the 5000TR I have sitting here.


This is a good point. I think the tubeless mess makes it a bit more complicated to swap the front to rear since you have to “drain” both tires and clean them etc.


The mess with tubeless sealant is a good point but in my experience, I have spent an hour scrubbing it and also have just swapped it right on with a 1minute rinse and there was no meaningful different. So it depends how picky you want to get with it

Is there an option for people who changes tires too frequently because they like trying new stuff and irrationally spend too much money on tires?

Asking for a friend :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Send your old tires to me.


When I can see carcass through the top layer of rubber :metal:t4:


Most of my tire swaps/changes are initiated by an event or trip. New tires, new brake pads, new chains, etc a couple weeks before. I don’t really look at the wear in these situations.

The amount of pain it took me to get my tyres installed with vittoria’s air liner doesn’t want me to touch it until it becomes necessary. I am not even going to switch to winter tyres this year…

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