Best tyre shape for cornering grip

This forum concerns road bike tyres.

Hello, so recently I’ve put on a rim with an internal width of 19mm and 25mm conti tyres which ended up measuring 30mm wide when fitted and the shape of the tyre is pretty much U-shape with ‘vertical’ sidewalls with no bulging.

How would this compare in terms of cornering grip to a narrower wheel (say 15mm internal) with the same tyre fitted, resulting in a more bulbous tyre cross-section? Which is better in terms of cornering confidence? Clincher tyres :slight_smile:

I’d imagine the wider rim would give you less sidewall movement and so better lateral grip rather than the rounded shape being of much importance.

FWIW I have 25mm tyres on 17 mm and 19 mm rims and can’t say either is lacking in grip and I have pushed my luck (sideways) with both