Best tire for my HED Belgium C2 Rims? GP5000 25mm?

I purchased some wheels for my new Allez Sprint. The wheels are actually Industry Nine i25 TL’s, which use HED Belgium C2 rims. What’s my best tire option for this wheel/bike setup? I love GP4000 and GP5000’s, so I’d prefer to sick to continentals. Which size is ideal though?

Here are the wheels. They’re nice and wide (19mm internal width) and have i9’s great hubs.

This bike will be used for racing (Crits and Road Races) and fast group rides.

I have exactly that setup right now GP5000TL on C2+ rims. They run great and are super comfortable.

highly recommend. I had 28’s on them and honestly I think the 25’s feel better on road.

hope this helps.

Good to know! I think I’ll be on the Belgium C2 not the plus. The C2+ rims are even wider than mine.