Best Racing Gravel Bike 2024


Very nice!. A couple of questions:

Is this a 56?
Are those 42mm tires?
You have a Force FD with Red chainrings?
Is your setup sram “wide”?
Is that a 10-36 Force cassette?


This is a 56, it fits the same as my 58 sl7.
Running 120mm x 40mm bars
42mm pathfinder pro tires, tyres measure out to 44.5mm on a 25ID rim
I am running force front, red long cage on a standard 46/33 red crank.
rear is 10/36

No wide on the set up. I was able to get the gearing I wanted with out going wide. I wanted at least 1:1 and I have better then that. Makes it nice having that tall gear for bad hills.


I have owned 3 gravel bikes.
Aspero 2x
Ridley kanzo fast 1X
Factor ostro gravel 2x

I like the factor so far the most. Best Geo for me, best gearing of the 3 and aero bars.


It’s interesting how some tires blow up, like yours and mine stay the same, RH 42mm Knobby.

Can you comment on this choice as opposers of Red?


I pieced the bike together finding the best deals I could find. Someone was selling the front for $80 so I went with it.

Same with crank, shifters we’re $240 per side. Crank we’re on sale around Christmas. I did my best to keep cost low.

My other bike is an sl7 sworks with rival.


Same with RH 44 EL slick. 44 on 25id


My 28c gp5k end up at 30mm on 25id rims

Technical details for the Kaius One 01

FWIW @oldandfast this set of reviews just came out. They take a pretty deep dive into this list of gravel race bikes, and mostly the top-end builds (including the Kaius 01): Which is the best gravel race bike of 2023? – 9 gravel race bikes in review | GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine

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Spoiler alert!

Their best gravel race bike of 2023: The Ridley Kanzo Fast
And their Best buy: The Specialized S-Works Crux


In what world is a $13k bike a best buy? I had to click through and see if there was some kind of caveat but this is definitely the weirdest take on a Best Buy I’ve seen.


Bahahaha. Yeah that did make me go hmmmmmmm…

I’m not a conspiracy theory guy, but these cycling media outlets are the least trustworthy sources of information you can find. I don’t know that specialized is blatantly writing checks under the table to get that kind of write up, but there is no way that’s an objective view of the world. You can love on the crux, but calling a $13k bike a “best buy” is just insulting to your readers.


No conspiracy, here. You just have to understand the specific context:

Champagne burns in your eyes, lactic acid courses through your legs, and on the podium perches the king of the desert: the best gravel race bike of 2023. We found out what to look for to make your gravel race dreams come true. To do so, we hosted our own world championships with 9 of the hottest gravel race bikes as the contestants. Ready, set, go!

They are clearly looking at bikes they consider to the the “best”, cream of the crop type of stuff. With a field of bikes all over 6000 Euro (save one budget option at 4k E) they are testing high level bikes and some that are clearly halo models.

As far as “Best Buy” it’s not like they clearly aimed for some widely accessible models with the info above. Some may take that as “best value” or something that is not what I think they intended. I think they mislabeled it and could have called it Fan Favorite or something since the fun factor seems the focus of the body text.

Either way, I don’t see some grand scheme here. Just a roundup of some very expensive bikes and they picked a few as their preferences.


Gran Fondo is super subjective in their testing and I’m pretty sure does fishy testing (the rolling resistance testing they did on tires probably never happened). Not trying to sh&t on them too much, but it’s just a few guys and gals riding bikes and then taking a few cool pics and writing up a nice article.
About as valuable as anyone who has ridden any of these bikes and reports their findings.

I love my Pinarello Grevil (2021). It’s fast, smooth & incredibly fun to go fast on. I use it on the road & in group rides. I’ve done champagne gravel & multiple BWRs in various locations. It’s a Pinarello & I love riding it. Not sure why everyone overlooks when considering a fast & tested gravel bike.

Kanzo fast is a nice bike

Would be my #1 top choice of all if it had a front mech hanger. That’s a dealbreaker for me.

Won’t apply to everyone and maybe we’ll all get to that point eventually, but because I’m all Shimano, own and regularly use several different wheelsets, and prioritise cross-compatibility between bikes, 2x is important. SRAM or Classified both solve that problem but neither is practical for me at the moment.