Best FSA/HSA (Flexible/Healthcare Savings Account) Finds

A while back I saw that the Normatec boots were HSA eligible and I was wondering what other neat devices fall into that category?

Anyone have any neat options as the year winds up?

Viome microbiome tests

If you’ve used those, what’s your review of them?

Are there conditions attached to that? We recently bought a high-end massage and it’s The. Best. Ever. Should have bought one years ago.

I don’t think so but I bought them before I knew this so I’m not sure

I thought stuff like Normatec and massage chairs were not eligible unless you had a doctors orders to use for treatment to a condition. And something about HSA vs FSA.

But I’m not an accountant or versed in the intricacies of IRS rules and regulations.

Best thing to buy with HSA are index funds… now if only the rules allowed bikes!


I mixed up the two acronyms, I was thinking more FSA than HSA, the normative website says they are good to go but I also don’t know the rules

I really wish they did that!

My understanding is that for HSA items, you absolutely need a Rx from a doc to use your savings for it.

For a FSA item, they need to be del a red “FSA eligible” but don’t necessarily require a Rx to use your FSA dollars.

(side pitch - everyone who has FSA $ to burn should go buy a blood pressure monitor, specifically a CVS or Rite Aid branded model, or the unit available at Costco. My pension fund thanks you in advance​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:)

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I was disappointed by the result… but the more I think about it what did I really expect?

You just get a list of foods to eat and not to eat. You also take a huge survey, and I believe that the survey has a larger impact on the foods than the actual test does. I had a couple red flags in my analysis like high TMA and should avoid choline I guess. But idk it didn’t really feel insightful in any way. Just eat veggies is basically the recommendation.