Bay Area Tacx Neo 2t passed on at cost

Sounds like there is a global shortage of smart trainers. I have one I’m not using and I thought I’d pass it on. Not sure if this goes against the forum rules about selling stuff but seems like someone in this group could use it. Sorry but pick up/meet up only. Not interested in shipping. I am in Napa CA. Tacx Neo 2T with 2 rides on it. I paid $950 plus tax. I will let go for $950. Will also throw in one of the bike sweat guards. Been sweated on once. In an unlikely string of events I ended up with a Stages Bike. let me know if your interested or if I need to take this down cause its against the rules. Covid free house (touch wood). Will sanitize it and take paypal so no one needs to deal with cash. Have receipt for warranty etc. Not trying to make money just trying to pass on a good deal. I think i saved the box and have all the axle conversions.