Anyone recognize this flat mount bracket for race number?

I was at a race yesterday and saw this number plate mount on another rider’s bike. I didn’t get a chance to ask him where he got it, does anyone know who makes this or where to buy? I mounted my number on the side of my frame, which is technically against the rules, but I’m sick of the wear marks on my head tube from number plate rubbing. And I’m also keen to reduce the aero drag from the number plate facing right into the wind.

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I think I might have found it. I’m not sure that mount will work for my cockpit setup, but I need to come up with something.

More like this one

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Thanks. That’s an interesting looking mount, but looks like the flat portion is only wide enough to span saddle rails (not sure if wide enough to secure number).

If you use only the flat bar part, maybe shave off the turn-in ends or flip that piece, then connect to the handlebar mount with go-pro mount/knuckle.

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Someone else posted this in another similar thread:


You looking at it the wrong way.

I used this setup

Attached to the underside of a K-Edge Max combo mount, the pick from the above screwed into the bottom of the mount, and used the ‘rails’ section to attach to my number board as below

The screw in the go-pro style knuckle was loose/tight enough for me to flip the board up/backwards. It’s shown down as I had to cross the finish line and show a number.

Worked like a charm, super light mount.


I used this Temu bracket in the same way in a gravel race last weekend, and it worked well.

Why can someone sell it on Amazon

Answered my own question with the power of google

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Here’s another picture from this weekend’s race. Notice the photographer is at/below wheel bearing height, looking up. Only reason why my number is visible.

Notice the other riders’ number boards.

I also found an option where the number plate holder has the correct “2 prong” connection point like a go pro (basically the male side of the 2/3 prong standard mounts). All the other “repurposed seat clamp” options I’ve seen listed have the “female” 3 prong side on the number plate and that can’t be mounted (without some alteration) to the standard go pro mount that is on the bottom of many computer mounts.

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We can compare next thursday

I actually got that same one you did, just waiting on a new computer mount since my current one wouldn’t work.

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