Anyone having trouble calibrating their kickr?

I’m doing the spin down but the desktop program just sits at zero and never completed calibration. I have a kickr v4 and quarq/axs power meter connected on powermatch.

I calibrate mine in the Wahoo app and make sure it’s not connected to any other devices, otherwise I’ve gotten similar issues.

You don’ t need calibration anymore if you have quark(magic zero) PM and powermatch


Call it an old habit I guess. Feels weird not having to do it regularly or after power loss or moving the trainer around

Hey there – as @preda78 said, you don’t need to calibrate if you have a Quarq PM paired up with PowerMatch. :slight_smile:

If you’d like to calibrate the trainer all the same, we’d recommend using the Wahoo app like @FrankTuna advised.

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Disable ERG

Is ERG even an option when you are on a spindown calibration screen?

  • I’ve never seen it on the Wahoo app, but don’t know what is seen or possible within the TR app during calibration.

I’m not home but in the devices tab (where you can also select power match) you can also toggle between resistance and ERG

Sure, but that is setting the default for regular workout use AFAIK. I think that it automatically swaps to a non-ERG mode whenever you enter the calibration function of the app.

Perhaps @ZackeryWeimer can clear this up?

Spindown never works unless I toggle to resistance. Easy thing to check too

Interesting. I never would have guessed the need to swap that manually. Seems a place for TR to employ their already present ability to swap trainer modes on their side.

These are screenshots from their support article animated GIF, that appear to leave it in ERG mode.

Nothing in the written steps mention swapping trainer mode either:

But perhaps that is not accurate to current requirements?

There are 2 “different” spindown calibration
It s true that in erg mode sometimes the speed does not increase( 0 ) but after some time it says calibration successful