Anyone have a 2016 Kickr they're willing to crack open and do me a solid?

I have a 2016 Wahoo Kickr with a damaged circuit board. Only one part is damaged and I could replace it if I knew the part number, but the markings on the part (that tell you the part number) were also damaged. If I had a hi-res picture of the circuit board from a working unit, I could recover the part number, buy it and repair the circuit board. Of course, I realize one would have to disassemble their unit sufficiently to access the circuit board to take a picture. But it is just a few fasteners that use standard hand tools. The picture would need to be clear enough to read all of the markings on the specific part. The part in question is marked Q1 in white text on the circuit board. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t have a K16 to help. But it might make it easier if you take a pic of the area and part in question, so anyone else has a better target.

This do the trick?

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I have a Kickr 17, and when I get home, I’d be willing to take a look next week. Looks like a transistor or an FET in the picture.

How did you access the circuit board? I need to do this.