Any Recommendations for a Digital Pressure Gauge?

Looking for recommendations for an accurate & reliable “low” pressure (20 - 85psi) digital pressure gauge that isn’t excessively expensive. For my needs - road & gravel bikes, the Silca Truth Gauge counts as excessively expensive

$25 at Amazon. Been working just fine for me.


Thanks. I wish in this day and age companies would stop designing pumps / pressure gauges to read / go up to 200+ psi. Nobody uses pressure that high anymore. Especially for pressure gauges, you would get more accuracy / resolution for real world pressures if you capped the max pressure at 150 psi.

I’m glad they do.
Mtb suspension can go in this upper range.

from FOX dps

I’ve been using this one for the last year. Works great. I like that you can leave it on and deflate your tyre till you get to the desired pressure.


agree, but I dont think Ive ever owned a track pump that would fit on a fork schrader valve. Ive only ever used a dedicated suspension pump for that

The topeak one thats been mentioned has always seemed pretty reliable and cheap

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I have had good luck with these. Has a hold feature or live that allows active use with the bleed valve.

Got this for a trip to Mallorca (used in combo with hand pump) and it seemed to work really well.