Am I too old to get to 4w/kg

I would never trade the advantages of commitment, discipline and organization I possess now at age 41 to have back the physical advantages I had, but made no use of, when I was younger. I am in the best shape of my life, and that was also true last year and the year before that.

Old man speed is real.


Absolutely. I lost sight of that in the latter half of 2018. My vo2 was fine back in Sept (at 56), then I did traditional base and sweet spot base. By December my vo2 dropped down to just above ftp and I started “failing” ramp tests. By fail I mean the ramp test gave 190W, and I was manually setting ftp to 230.


I’m 51 (and a half), and a flyweight (a little under 52kg); FTP 7 weeks ago was 186w (3.6). I test again tomorrow, I’m guessing I’m around 210, which will push me just over 4.0. So yes, absolutely doable


Curious. Say a 4 week block of vo2, then a 4 week block of SS? And then back at what, a TR plan?

I’m always on a TrainerRoad plan of one type or another – but I modify them to both my work schedule and my rest requirements.

So, for instance – if I finish a block of Vo2 work . . . or even if I’m in the middle of a block, like with General Build . . . if I find my self dreading the work for more than 2 days, I’ll pause and do a week or two of SS/threshold work, and then resume the Vo2 work.

Also, I use Sweet Spot work to stitch together training plans if I have a two week gap or something to fill to make sure I am peaking for an “A” event.

Lastly, if I am trying to lose weight I will revert back to SS work and mix in some runs – I find that running outside gives me adequate cycling recovery for SS work, while also helping accelerate the fat loss.

A typical Sweet Spot week with 3 workouts for me would look like:

Day 1: Sweet Spot: 60-90 mins
Day 2: Over/Unders: 60-75 mins
Day3: Sweet spot: 60-90 mins

Then maybe add and endurance day if you want.

How you sprinkle in rest is up to you. If I’m trying to lose weight, I would run before and after Day 2.


For reference: Men 40-50

From this post.

For reference: Women 40-50


thanks @batwood14

Don’t get too hung up about a number target. 4 W/kg is a nice to have but getting there is the fun part. You will not be magically different once you hit that target.

Sorry, don’t want to be a party pooper.


Hi there,

No - you’re not too old, I’m 43 this week and managed 4.12 W/kg just this morning (FTP 263, 63.8kg).

I started on TR about 12 months ago and was the first structured training I’d done on a bike, if at all in my adult life.

It was never a target, though I’ll admit, as it edged closer it did become one!

Like others have said, enjoy the journey…


I was told my bike would grow wings and I’d suddenly be able to fly like a two-wheeled Pegasus. Was I misinformed? Does this not happen??


I’ve been counting on this. Disappointing. Maybe the winged pegasus is at 5W/kg and you’re more like a wounded yak at 4? Guess I’d better HTFU and push for that 350W FTP… I felt like I managed 21x1min at 335W yesterday pretty well, so hopefully by next week 350 for roughly an hour straight is doable.


42 yrs old
78 kg
3.7 w/kg

Started TR July 2018 at 2.3 w/kg. I hope to see near/at 4.0 w/kg by my peak in Sept 2019.


4.0 w/kg is my stretch goal for this year in pure numbers terms. I’m like the OP in that it sounds like a big gain from where I am at currently. Retested this morning at 3.26 to start SSLV1 (with 1 ride outside plan and 1 run per week extra), currently 77.4kg which is about 3-4kg’s over my summer riding weight. I was around the 3.25 level for most of last year, so definitely hoping the structure of the base/build/specialty plus some less kg’s gets me there. Just recently crossed the 40yo barrier, so hoping I have youth on my side :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about recently. Turning 49 this year and want to keep making gains (about 3.7 W/Kg now).

Curious what your long-term training calendar looks like then? Are you eschewing the typical base, build, specialty TR plans and creating your own alternating VO2 and Sweet Spot blocks? And how do you work that out with planning A events?

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I’m just shy of 43 and in the best endurance shape of my life, probably lost a little of the kick I had in my early 20s but who hasn’t :slight_smile:

190cm, 83kg, 320ftp. Just need to knock off 3kg of weight (which should come as the weather improves) and I’ll be at 4w/kg. But my main aim is to race better in my main discipline, bunch races on the track. So while I’ve laid down some good base work to raise FTP over winter that is not the be all and end all. A races are in early July then October so I’m shooting to get the specialty phases so I can improve those repeated 1-2minute VO2 efforts as well as hone the finishing kick.

I guess what I’m saying is that 4w/kg is doable, but if you are racing that may not be the only metric you need to improve to win races!

Sorry @batwood14. I see now you’d already answered some of that. I’d still love to hear more about your structuring your VO2 blocks though. Those are regular TR plans or you’re creating your own, more VO2-centric?

48 @4.57w/kg.

“Never say die!” – Ozzy

It definitely was. :persevere:


Eh, I wouldn’t trade my youth either. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are pretty good too.


Oh hell yeah you can get there. No way is this 42 year old (okay, 42 in two weeks, but close enough) going to accept that 45 is too old for 4w/kg.

Solid spring/summer of training and you’re there. And don’t neglect the kg part of that equation. Lose a couple and the numbers look a whole lot easier. Please post progress.

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@kwcrash if you’ve been to 4 before you’ll get there again! Your age is not going to be the limiter imo.