Aerotune on-road metabolic testing

Fatmax maybe somewhat smaller ‘range’ then Base? Next week I will do my new test and then in december I will try with 2 weeks of Base (15h), 1 week Fatmax (10h) and then one heavy 20h Z2 week.
And maybe in 2023 try some blocks of vo2max and treshold based on the weekly values.

I look also at CP vs FTP. And yeah you can focus @vo2max but I also want to improve my TTE at FTP so…I will also try to do some longer intervals.

Well I appreciate the insights, Best of luck with the training! I’ll pencil in the test for next week as well.

Increasing TTE is a good goal especially if your already at a high level and focused on longer events. Sounds like lowering your VLAmax might a good strategy for that. My limited understanding is Low cadence, High torque work in sort of Tempo / SS range is the way to go. How were your numbers from the last test, did it match up with your expected phenotype.

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