Aerotune on-road metabolic testing

Picking up this thread. Anyone used aerotune once more? For me it feels so strange those hours…
Take me for example (vo2max 55, CP 269W). When I would train TP (260-275). These are my recommendations:


I have a CTL of +100. A week like this would be much less then I am used to do? That would be 2 treshold workouts (2x20min) + one 3hr base ride + two 1h20 base rides…
What about big volume? :slight_smile:

What’s Vla max?

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Can’t say. Other than
a) if you want to do big volume, than that’s not for the weeks where you do also do MLSS and or Threshold Work, apparently. At least according to the thinking from Aerotune.

b) What you described looks like a nice 5 day workout routine in a week already. The proof always is in the pudding so if you add more volume and feel awesome and make gains then go with it as models are nice but individual capabilities are always that - individual.

c) I personally wouldn’t do 2 TP workouts per week on a regular basis anyways but that is just lazy and just-riding-along me. :wink:

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Thx! Did an 18h last week. And now less time this week so doing some PDC testing if I have time and maybe aerotune test later this week.