Aero benefits of shaving gooch hair?

This post makes me smile. Maybe its a friction not an aero thing?

On a side note I call my chamois cream my “Gooch Cream”, and can be heard every now and then yelling to my wife when she is on amazon “can you get me another tub of Gooch Cream please” To which the response is yelled back “do you want Muck Off again?”

Can only imagine what the neighbours think if they hear us.


It’s ‘scruttocks’ in this household. The baroness is horrified when I disappear to slather on the scruttock cream.


you may as well looking into getting one of your crown jewels removed too. I hear you only need 1 anyways. surely that’ll bring you down 1/32 of a lb.

edit: i’m disgusted with myself


I’m disappointed the OP didn’t come back here.

I’m right here bb. :kissing_heart:

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I just shaved the gooch for my race this weekend. I am holding the OP responsible if I don’t PR


One for the next podcast, surely?

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I got a tub of gooch cream from my mother-in-law in my Christmas stocking. Never thought twice about it but after reading through this thread… not so sure what to make of it :rofl:

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I have a race on Saturday. Waiting to shave until the night before for what I think will be maximum gains :muscle:

You could always wax the gooch if you wanted to save some time vs shaving

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I’m not sure if this affects the airflow. Everyone has the right to choose whether they will shave areas with a lot of hair or not.

It might not make me faster but It sure does make me feel faster.

Thank you for reviving this thread.

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