A Return to The Office: Bike Commute Updates?

I’m in a very similar situation, I got some Lululemon polos and pants that I believe will be ok for commuting (7km each way) and working. I still need to test it during summer, but I think I’ll get away with riding at a moderate pace with a t-shirt and just changing shirts when I get to work. Still need to figure out the bottom half - shorts and change for pants or pants all the way. Regarding the backpack I have a standard North Face surge, it does get sweaty even with spring temperatures. .I’m now checking some of the options mentioned here.
And bike commuting was a lot easier when I was in school and could wear shorts the whole day. I’m going to suggest a “summer short friendly office” hahaha

Can’t report any practical experience on either of those items, lol. Just some trends I’ve seen over the last couple of years that I thought might add to the debate

I used to have a very long commute (60km one way) that I did in full lycra and with only my work swipe card as extra luggage. Now I have a very short (4km) commute that I just do in my work gear (jeans and tshirt, luckily) with a normal backpack.


I’ve been happy with Du/er pants for being both comfortable for riding and office appropriate. Less of a hassle than changing at the office (or the theater or whatever other location I’m riding to). They’re not cheap, though (though I haven’t price checked with traditional office pants or jeans lately, either).

If I was carrying a laptop I’d use my pannier dry bag (ortlieb). I don’t like riding with stuff on my back if I can help it and it rains too much here to not use a dry bag for a laptop.

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I have one. For a city commuter it has very little benefit. It just goes off non stop. At best it just supplements looking over your shoulder before crossing lanes to make a turn. You know there is no point in checking traffic as long as a dot is there. But that is a very small reason to get a Varia.

I do like how the flash pattern changes with traffic. And people have commented to me on how much attention it draws.


Yip it falls down in the city. Like I was saying, I am lucky enough to have a commute that’s mostly rural (apart from the rat running drivers) and when it goes quiet it helps me chill :+1:

I commuted for over a decade in the city before getting a Varia. I find the Varia still helpful in the city. We have lots of bike lanes in the door zone so I ride as far left as is practical or all the way out of it if I’m going downhill or at a fast clip. The varia is most helpful when a car is fast approaching so you can move back into the bike lane when necessary or at least be aware to not veer left to avoid debris or potholes etc.

It was a few years pre-pandemic since I regularly bike commuted, but as others have said the big change I notice is the number of ebikes and scooters. I park and cycle my commute, and I’m quite tempted by a rear hub motor tbh - thinking of human power in from further out, and then motor on for home in the evening (predominantly false flat uphill into the prevailing wind). I’ve seen quite a few posts saying that lots start with this intention, but the weight and drag means it doesn’t happen. I do find the evening spin/ double day takes more out of me than a spin of the same total distance.

Someone mentioned Dyno hubs earlier - definitely the best addition I’ve made. I brought a full wheel from bikediscount, and a B&M German standard 100 lumen light. Adds a bit of weight and drag, but throws out great light in an appropriate patten, and never a worry about batteries/ charging lights.

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The first time I read this I thought there you go another cyclist giving us all a bad name… then I realised the context. :rofl::joy::joy:


Hahaha !! Yes, I suppose I should have phrased that differently… especially as I make a point of stopping at red lights and ostentatiously trackstanding :grin:

Ortlieb do some good laptop cases that look smart and clip onto a pannier. I’ve got one and would definitely recommend it.

I think a big change over recent years is its got harder to buy shoes with cleats suitable for both the commute and the office which I find really frustrating :-1:

but these just dropped Chelsea Cycling Boot - Brown | QUOC :crazy_face: