65mm front wheel

Hello everyone, my first post in the forum so here goes. I currently have Giants SLR 1 42f and 65r. I have a aero bike and TT bike which I switch the front wheels too and from. I’m considering getting a matching 65mm front to match the rear. Both bikes are equipped with their own 65r.

My question, has anyone gone from around 40mm to around 65mm front and either loved or regretted it?

Part of me wants to get a full set of wheels for both bikes but another part of me is wondering if it’s not worth the extra dollar

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
The difference between how riding a 65 at the rear feels compared to a 40mm rim is surprisingly small - I barely notice the difference unless it’s extremely windy. The front is a different kettle of fish. You will really feel the difference in handling if there is any degree of crosswind.
Matching 65mm rims look fantastic - they make almost any bike look fast while standing still. Assuming they are decent wheels they will be fast as well. They are more effort though, so not necessarily something you would use that often. Great for a short fast blast, but a little too ‘involved’ for longer rides.
I guess it comes down to how comfortable you are riding in crosswinds and how often you actually get crosswinds. I’d love to be able to swap in a 65 on the front for still days when I just want to go out and go really fast, but the reality is that I wouldn’t be able to use it often enough to justify the expense


Well they’re Giants SLR 1’s, for me they’re really nice wheels but tbh they are my first set of carbons. I don’t really go out all that much in heavy winds so maybe I’ll be alright. Was hoping to notice more of a difference within using the two. Would like to see what other people say too

I can’t answer your question, but I was wondering how you are finding the wheels to perform in terms of braking? Are they rideable in the rain or is that something that is best avoided on those?

In my inexperienced opinion, they are terrible in the wet. Fantastic in the dry though but I never make a habit of going out in the rain, only if I get caught in it

Any chance you could buy a shallower front wheel? I just bought a used pair of ENVE deep-section wheels, but I don’t plan to use the front one (or possibly either of them) during windy days. I think if it’s a borderline windy day, though, a shallow front rim might make a difference – of course that might completely obviate any benefit of deep-section rims.

Anyone know the science as to which wheel – front or rear – has the greatest benefit to aerodynamics?

My two sets are a Knight 35 and Enve 7.8 so the front is twice as deep. Subjectively it sure feels like once up to speed the inertia of the deeper Enve keeps it rolling easier on flat/rolling terrain compared to the 35mm. But, that’s for the set. Switching just the front probably not very noticeable. It might feel different but, speed wise I bet it would be hard to distinguish any speed difference if that’s where you wanted to go with this.