3T Strada, 1x gearing

I didn’t think for someone of fairly modest ability like me (ftp ~3.2-3.3 w/kg) they made much difference, especially over lumpy terrain. I now take that back. Now it was hardly scientific, and I may just have been having a good day, but both the clock and my instinct suggested it was definitely faster.

Shimano has introduced s a new hub standard to accommodate a 10-tooth cog on the mountain bike side. The only two 12-speed cassettes on offer are 10-51 and 10-45. Both have 10-tooth cogs. So I think they will use the new microspline hub or a version of it on the road side.

Great. Thanks. 10-45 would be pretty solid with a 42/44 front chainring on gravel.

That gear range makes a whole lot of sense in my opinion. Rotor also has a 10-46 13-speed cassette primarily for gravel (and for XC racers). Although Shimano’s gearing does not make much sense to me, the first 8 gears are identical to their 10-51 cassette and the main difference is that the last few climbing gears are more closely spaced. To me that doesn’t make any sense. Rotor takes a different approach, they have closely spaced gears at the top end and then allow for bigger and bigger gaps when you are at the climby end of the cassette. IMHO Rotor’s cassette seems much better suited for a drop bar bike. But also their pizza dish-sized 10-52 cassette makes more sense to me than Shimano’s. :man_shrugging:

my girlfriend races for a team sponsored by 3t and runs a 50t chainring with an 11-42 cassette. Needed a long cage SRAM derailleur.

How does she like her bike?

She loves it! Says it’s super fast. Gearing is good for general riding here in hilly New England, but she tried to do an Everesting on it and had to switch bikes halfway through because 50x42 just wasn’t cutting it. She finished that ride on her Focus, which has 34x32 as the easiest gear.

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