2022 Epic Evo + 4iiii XT crank

Fitted my 8100 (XT) cranks, (left hand is 4iiii) to the 2022 Epic Evo last week.

Clearance for the senor/battery compartment was fairly close but went with it, went out in muddy slop and an overflow of mud and crap that I just rode through has scratched the swingarm of the bike and we are talking, through to the carbon.

Bike is an XL, crank is 8100 (not 120 or 130).

Aside from the fact that the frame will need a check by carbon experts and my tools taken off me. Has anyone fitted a 4iiii/stages crank and made it work ok? If I fitted an x120 or x130, surely I’d be sacrificing chainline?

Wow, there is really no clearance there! If I’m not mistaken, that’s 4iii’s older model. The newer one is much slimmer (as is the Stages). I would talk to 4iii and see if you can salvage the crank and get an upgraded Precision PM. Also, get some tape on that swingarm.

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I’d run that on a hardtail maybe, not a full sus.

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Thanks for that, that’s helpful for me to look at. I had noticed the battery compartment on the latest ones has changed.

Exact same setup. I went x120 after x100 was too tight. The only difference between the x100 and x120 is the spindle length. Chainline difference wasn’t a big deal, but the Epic Evo clears the chainring better if you’re running x120 and a 34t oval or something.

Presumably, the top few gears are a bit noisier with the change in chain line?

That was the other part of the equation, I couldn’t run the old 36 oval because on the drive side, it was catching

I added a 3mm spacer to the 8100 NDS yesterday just to see how it would look in terms of clearance, looks fine. 4iiii also responded to me to say that the difference in profile of the old vs new precision 3 models is 2mm.

No issues in 34t oval (std -3mm) on SLX stuff. Works like magic.