2021 XC Bike Thread

I’ve been keeping an eye on Keegan’s IG in the hopes/expectations he’d be racing on it this weekend. Seems like a prime opportunity to tease something with the IG style of posts.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if @AlexWild and Keegan are racing in Albstadt? It’s getting pretty close to the start of the World Cup season, but I can’t tell if they are going to be going over. Maybe it’s more prudent to hammer to USA races for Olympic selection/UCI points for WC call up?

I also saw on Instagram that Keegan gave his bike to Ryan Standish for the weekend, if so he’s got to be racing on the new bike.

Ah, I hadn’t seen that :man_facepalming:. Very intriguing.

I’d pick we’ll see some of the European team riders release videos at the same time? Who is it again, Marotte?


Possible delay, at least a delay in the team intro (which I would assume was to coincide with the bike)

There are plenty of photos out there from professional photographers from todays short track. Very clear photos of the new Santa Cruz bike.


Any links you can share? My google-fu is failing.

I didn’t know if the forum rules allowed for posting unreleased bikes.

Scroll through these.


Anybody able to tell much? Looks like the pivot was slightly higher? Other than that I couldn’t see much of the bike.

The photog obviously wasn’t as much of a bike nerd as I am. Great shots of the riders (and their sponsors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

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As long as it’s public photos, especially at an open event, it’s all good.

Goodbye VPP. Hello single-pivot flex stay design.


I want one. Putting in my order when they release it. To take delivery 2024. :laughing:


Make sure to get the XT wireless wonder and unicorn fart filled shocks. :wink:


If you’re lucky!

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Bought a 2021 Epic Expert. Took it out for a shakedown ride. Holy hell that thing is fast!. I expected it to climb well and be comfy down hill. What I didn’t expect was how fast it cruised through semi technical downhill XC trails. I’ve ridden the same trail for years. Rooty, flowy, single track. The Epic blew away my strava times compared to my Yeti SB5. By minutes over a 38 minute route. This thing just carries so much speed on mixed terrain.


I had exactly the same experience with my new Epic :metal:

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Similar article to the one I shared above, with more discussion:


Looking at these pictures I noticed how nice it must be with the wireless dropper and shifter rather than the seemingly dozen cables on the front of my bike. Keegan is also not running remote lockout on the rear shock. Edit* It looks like Keegan has always been running without the rear remote with the current Blur setup, they show Tobin’s bike in the article and he was running the lockout.

Also when is wireless lockout coming? Cables suck

No idea if there is anything hiding, but notice what looks like black tape around the upper body of the shock, with what looks like the blue compression valve adjuster sticking out. Could be some new/updated RockShox tech hiding in there, along with whatever leverage ratio SC has for the new SP design?