2020 XC Bike Thread

Per jumping, what is the approach/takeoff for terrain, and your actual body loading/unloading?

Different approaches may benefit from different preloading and/or body placement. Some cases you want to “bunny hop” vs other where you actual center/preload like a MX bike.

Generally speaking, if you are landing rear heavy, I wonder if you are pulling up too hard on the bars (in effort to clear the gap) and getting too much weight transfer to the rear, that ends with a heavy and low hit.

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i’m not a good jumper but would love an xc skills thread. this is also one of my goals for 2021 to get more comfortable with jumps and drops. Maybe looking into some of the courses from Lee LikesBikes or Ryan Leech Connection

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In the aim of not getting too off-topic, and after searching but finding no related topic, I created a new one.


That’s a good idea, we should/could set one up. There’s already the Lee Likes Bikes TR videos (which I’ve found very useful to change my flow/trail riding especially.

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“most likely MTB”



Ha, I wondered about adding that, but the basic approach works for things like 'cross bikes for things like barriers or other gaps :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can also confirm a 2019 Orbea Oiz doesn’t have the clearance for a Quarq.

Im sensing we both found this out the Expensive way!

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How can it not have clearance for a Quarq PM as that’s built into the spider?

This one won’t be a head-turner in this thread, but it’s my first MTB and I’m pretty pumped about it. I’ve been a long-time exclusive roadie, but wanted a hardtail to play around on this winter and be able to ride with a buddy from work. Picked up this 2021 Trek Marlin 6 and loving the MTB scene so far. I got this bike thinking “This will just be for fun, the road bike is for racing” but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m trying to upgrade the bike and sign up for the local marathon XC races.


Solid starter bike and kills what I had back in the day. First upgrade should be a dropper post. Other than that, ride, have fun, and work on skills.

Congrats! :smiley: