2020 TdF TrainerRoad Fantasy League!

Hey all!

We’ve created a TrainerRoad Fantasy League for the 2020 TdF using the FloSports Fantasy by Tissot game. The winner will get a box of TrainerRoad swag items, including some special gifts from the Podcast crew :beers:.

It’s free to join, but only 100 members are allowed per team, so hurry!

This Fantasy format is dead simple: Pick a team of 8 with the allocated budget and select a ride leader each day for double points. See their site for all rules and regulations.

League number: 16560
League Name: TrainerRoad
Link to join: https://flobikes.fantasybytissot.com/#welcome/register/?parrain=woftiyi&ligue=16560

See you in there!


wow, that went fast! 2 hrs and it’s already full!

Oh well

That is unfortunate…only 100…anyway good luck all…it won’t make you faster :wink:


I wish they didn’t have a limit :frowning:


Managed to squeak in before it closed!

It wouldn’t let me put in Lance or froome.


If it’s anything like my MotoGP fantasy team it wouldn’t have mattered anyways. :pensive:


Damn, missed out!

What a wild year… I’m a 93 fan, but I can’t deny it has been MUCH more interesting without him running away with it again.

I got in for the TdF league, great idea guys. Lets go Primoz!

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I made a league for TR users a while back (sorry, didn’t mean to step on any toes), which isn’t yet full.

I can’t offer swag though so just for fun guys.

Join me in the league now no.11952 : TrainerRoad
Password : UOOCX
By clicking on this link : https://fantasy.letour.fr/#welcome/register/?parrain=6kmiwsa&ligue=11952&mdp=UOOCX


Join this way more competitive league instead! :wink:

It’s full!

What was the high score of todays stage? I don’t see it cause I was too late to join… :pensive:

Anyone who had Bennet as their captain. I believe those people had the highest. I think low 500.

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Oh no, so I missed probably the only chance I had in life of making it to the top, I had 704 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Damn! Who did you pick?

Sagan, Pedersen and Bennett were the big points, unfortunately, I chose Ewan over Kristoff for my 3rd sprinter and assigned Bennett as captain

I thought I could choose every stage :man_shrugging: :joy: