2020/2021 trek fuel ex?

Anyone here riding one of these? My 2018 9.8 frame is being replaced with a 2020 9.9 under warranty but I’ll be reusing my 140mm Fox 34 fork with a 51mm offset rather than a 140mm Fox 36 with a 44mm offset like the 2020 has. Also reusing my GX drivetrain, Carbon wheels and bars, and 2.4” tires

Not sure how the 2020 is, I’ve gotten along with my 2018 but wondering if anyone has switched between these two same bikes and what your experience was.

Not really interested in other brands as alternatives unless it’s a used as a comparison, my warranty replacement frame is already on order.

I don’t think you’ll feel the difference in the rake.

I doubt it too, especially with the other geo changes from the 18-20. Curious about the 2020 as a whole
Though. I had a chance to get a top fuel instead but stuck with this