1x or 2x for my kinetic road machine trainer?

Looking to get a gravel bike for my kinetic road machine as the bike I’m currently using is too small to for me and is very uncomfortable.
I’m trying to decide between the Jari 1.3 and 1.5. I’d love to go with the 1.3 as it comes with a SRAM Apex 1`x, 11 speed ( 11-42T cassette, 40T crank). My concern is the jumps will be too much to keep the proper cadence when I’m on the trainer?
The alternative would be the 1.5 as it comes with a 46/30T crank and Shimano HG500, 11-34T, 10 speed cassette. I’d prefer to stick with the simplicity of a 1x and I have SRAM on my MTB so would like to keep everything the same across bikes but, if it’s going to be a hassle on the trainer (training is already hard enough!) I have no problem going with Shimano.
Not concerned with riding outdoors as I live in South Florida and there is no elevation.


I prefer 2X on a trainer and 1X outside. The 2X on the trainer allows you to shift the FD to the big ring when you do sprints, stand up out of the saddle, etc. On the 1X you’ll be having to click down a ton of gears every time you stand up or have to do a sprint.

Now on my CX bike I turn it into a 38 X 10-42 1X system for gravel during the spring and summer. This is better for me than running 2X as CX racing on 2X is just plain dumb in my opinion. I’ve seen and experienced myself far too many dropped chains/FD issues.

Hope that helps.

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Go with 2x for gravel bike, trainer, outdoors, etc. You won’t regret it.

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Thanks guys. That’s what I figured and as much as I would have liked to stick with SRAM and a 1x it just doesn’t make sense for a bike that’s going to be used on the trainer most of the time.