1L bike bottles

Also a shame: that’s a 2011 review from Ray, and I don’t see anything similar to that on Camelbak’s site right now. In 12 years, they didn’t try to make a v2 that worked better?

Yeah, that would potentially help, but I think one of the bigger issues is that the bottle is just a bit wide for my hands. I used it on a couple of rides this weekend and I’m starting to get more used to it, but it just may not be my preferred choice.

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I’m 90 posts behind so I apologize if this has been covered already. The new Zefal Magnum 1L bottles are great! Just finished a 3-hour ride, including bunny-hopping a bunch of railroad tracks, and they didn’t leak a drop! I could only find them on eBay but well worth it.


+1 on the Elites
I use the super fly 950 (more like 850-900ml)

Very cheap too, I’ll often take 2x950 on the bike plus a 750ml in my jersey

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I now have both Elite Fly 950s and Polar Breakout 30 oz. After some usage, the caps on the Elites leak but also fall closed too easily when drinking. The Polars just seem more rugged, a bit closer to the Camelbak Podiums. I like the cap design on the Polar - simple yet removable. Less complicated than the caps on the Camelbaks.

For now, the Polar is winning for me. My N=1.


My Elite Fly 950 clear is pretty worn down at this point after using it on a lot of dirty trails. I was looking at what I could use to replace, and I found a Trek 34 oz bottle that has a Nutrition Facts label on one side. I’m not sure where it came from (found on a trail), but I’ve been using it and it’s very sturdy, holds in the cage well. With summer heat here, it’s pretty useful.

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Awesome thank you. This thread is long enough that someone has probably mentioned it before, but I used it this weekend and I might pick up another one.

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Yesterday my Zefal Magnum Pro broke on the bottom and lost all water. I only used it three or four times. It never fell and never had to endure strong forces.


After all this discussion, do any of these in particular seem to leak less? My zefals are prone to leaking a little on the bike, and when they are full of drink mix that is a little annoying. I talked to a friend who thinks that just happens to all bottles, but I’d appreciate more experience on that.


My Zefal leaks a bit when the mouth piece is open (used it for water only, so not a big problem), otherwise there is no leak. The whole top piece (lid) feels a bit on the cheap side.
Never had any of that with the camelbacks.

It’s still early, but the Polar 30 oz. bottle seems best for me so far, with no leaking. The cap can be twisted on quite tight and the valve seems to seal well. The Elites just seem to get worse over time, leaking both at the cap and the valve.

I also have an SIS 980 ml bottle. Never been a fan. The opening isn’t large enough and I don’t like the valve. But, it doesn’t leak.

I’ve never had issues with my Camelbak Podiums, but they aren’t as large as the ones we’re discussing here.

My n=1 experience.


The Trek Voda is a really tight fit in the specialized rib cage. So tight that I ended up not using it all after a couple rides because I don’t drink as much because it takes a long time pulling on it to get it to come loose. The polar insulated bottles fit in the same cage no issue.

I’m using a Trek side-loading cage on the downtube, and an XLab Gorilla XT cage on the seat tube. No issues with the Voda 28oz in the side loader. A bit tight in the Gorilla XT but every bottle is tight in that cage.

I had the elite 1 liter. It’s garbage IMO. the lid leaks and the bottle is too flimsy for a large bottle.

I only have a polar 24 oz but I like the valve.

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Damn that’s unlucky. I’ve been using my pro for a few years without issue. Looks like a different design to yours, however. I did ruin one by dropping it while frozen - it shattered!

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My Zefal leak in the same way too. Camelbak leaks the least, followed by polar in my experience. I now just take a giant swig before a ride to make sure the fill volume is below the lid … entirely defeating the purpose of having big bottles :sweat_smile:

Well, I was prepping to head out to ride this morning and had the same problem for one of my bottles. Sigh.

So, what’s the consensus for a best 1 L bottle for gravel? Preferably something that doesn’t eject.

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Generally bottles ejecting is a cage not a bottle issue. However, if the bottles are too soft, like the Pro Elite, then as the bottle empties it no longer has rigidity and the cage can’t hold it. After all my testing IMHO the Zefel is still the best.

Not optimal, but for the moment I‘m back to 0.75L Camelbacks and take a 0.5L PET with me in my jersey. After that one is empty, I dispose of it.
Losing all my water is really bad and I don‘t want this to happen again (I nearly had to abort that ride, riding in 30 degrees with no water is not nice).