1L bike bottles

I recently picked up this 1L Steve Potts bottle from the LBS. It was a little cheaper in the shop than it shows on their site. I’ve only used it twice, and only on the trainer, so I can’t speak to its rideability. On the trainer, I’ve liked it. The volume and flow are nice. It goes in and out of the cage easily (may prove bad on a ride). The mouth piece is a bit hard, but not terrible.


It’s mindnlowing to me that camelbak haven’t done a 1l bottle. It’s painful using anything else when you are used to camelbaks.


Agreed! I have a friend who is a sales rep for CB, I constantly hound him that they need to make an uninsulated 1L bottle!

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I’ve never understood the need for insulated bottles in cycling. If it’s warm enough that your drink will get hot, my bottles with mix with ice cubes are empty before that happens.

If you need the insulation to keep stuff from freezing, it’s too cold for me to ride.

I also prefer the extra capacity of non-insulated bottles of the same size. Trying to imagine how enormous a 1 liter insulated bottle would be.


I’m a big fan of these bidons. Great usability for such inexpensive cycling gear :joy:

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Anybody know where I can buy just the top for the Zefal 1L magnum bottle? I dropped it on a ride and cracked the top. Can’t seem to find just the top for sale. Or maybe another bottle that has a similar top that will fit.

Sent you a DM, I have extra.

I tried the Silca bottles (600ml) and an Elite Fly bottle (950ml) recently, and both have the same annoying mouthpiece which is easy to drink from, but TRIES HARD to close itself as soon as possible and means I often need two hands for it. Really inconvenient.

Buying two of the Polar Breakaway 30oz bottles today. Will report back…

I used the Zefal Magnum the first time yesterday and it was great. Nice that I can do LMNT in 32oz water without having to use multiple bottles for mixing and riding.

these are great bottles

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Can you share a link? The Zefal Magnum link on the Slowtwitch thread goes to an Amazon page that says it’s currently unavailable. Thanks.

I bought all mine on amazon, not sure of anywhere else to buy them

Thanks. Yes, I meant whether you could share a link to the actual product page for what you purchased on Amazon. The one I find on Amazon says it’s not available.

I got one from this link a week ago- Zefal Magnum Soft Water Bottle, Translucent, 975 ml Amazon.com

I heard mixed things about the new softer version so re-ordered the old ones a few days ago. Still waiting for them to arrive. I’ve gone through about six so far. But I ride 12-15 hours a week in Socal.

I might have a winner, after eyeing the Elite 950’s, I finally gave in and just bought a set from the GCN shop. Clear with red lids. No leaks, extremely soft, the gloss outside is probably it’s biggest negative, gonna need to be sure with the grip on sweaty hands.

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Not mentioned in this thread so far…for me the Xenofit 1l bottle is best. The cap is a tiny bit smaller than most others and therefore fit better below the top tube in the seat tube bottle cage.

Not sure if these are available outside Europe.

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Thanks for this link! I bought one, and I like its feel (feels solid without being too hard to squeeze) as well as its valve. The only challenge I have is that it’s a bit hard to pull out of my bottle cage - my bike is only a 51, so the triangle isn’t huge. Or maybe the problem is that the bottle just fits VERY tightly into the cage. Anyway, I’m not sure how it will work on a fast group ride, but it seems to work well on solo rides. I have the Polar bottle which is GREAT, but is only 850 ml.

Side loading cage?

I’ve found on gravel the softness means it doesn’t hold as well. I lost 2 bottles with Elites. I’ve since gone back to Zefal and I’ve never lost a bottle.

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