12% price increases coming for many bikes - if you can even find one

I think it vastly depends on the situation in the market you’re in. If demand is stable and competition is solid, the strategy you indicate is sound - maintain pricing, swallow the marginal cost increases. In a market where demand vastly outstripped supply, it’s a different ball game. And in a market where demand dropped through the floor (think anything related to travel), it’s the other way around.

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Well I voted with my wallet.
After many years I have started the leap from specialized.
I picked up a 2020 Trek Domane SL5 today at %30 off. Could not believe the price and I got the last one in my size. Should be ready to pick up tomorrow. I wont lie though. When I called they had already sold out of the 2020 Roubaix in my size.

Trek took awesome care of my wife when she got run over on her Electra ebike. They were incredible to deal with. I hope I like it lol.

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Is it Specialized still producing SL7 2021 or this is it and we have to wait autumn for 2022 model?

Bike prices are seriously getting out of hand (this is not photoshopped):

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You have to buy it in Poland then, it is only 618 711 EUR (2 800 000 pln). What a bargain!

The meme used to be that the SL7 is the price of a Kawazaki. Now it’s the Price of a Manhattan Condo


In the FB Buy/Sell Groups I follow it appears many folks have about a 30% markup on their used bikes.

60% if you’re an Allez owner.

My favorite is the 2018 Tarmac advertised at +$500 over MSRP and to quote “pedals, bottle cages and wheels not included” lol!

I’ll buy in a year or two with the, possible, upcoming glut.

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Plus in the UK where people (not me!) voted for Brexit some of the big online European sellers have pulled their business. Rose bikes won’t export to the UK now and they made great bikes. Canyon have “suspended” sales …so aside from queues at ports, a hit to our economy when we really don’t need it and the xenophobic undertones to the political commentary for the last few years we can’t get our hands on top class German bikes…which I’m sure you’ll all agree is much more important! :laughing: :laughing:
That said I ride a Ridley Helium when not TT ing so it hasn’t directly affected me!

That sucks for all those new customers who would likely be looking to that shop for sales and support. I know the shop owners can do what they like in this regard, but it feels funny to close up shop after likely selling a lot of bikes to first time buyers.

My LBS is doing away with their team deals for the year due to low supply, can’t stay afloat if they sell what little is available to us at a discount. They ARE however giving a free jersey credit to anyone who was also on the team last year, and I’m sure there will be some discounts on parts and labor, but the “get your Cannondale for half price in January” is off the table

True. Whether or not they made buyers aware of the fact beforehand, I have no idea.

Tell me about it! Also, Mantel have temporarily suspended sales to the UK, and many distributors of EU products are saying UK stock will be in short supply until at least May.

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I moved home from the UK last August. Guess what I sold before I left? A 2018 Allez Sprint Comp. I didn’t realize what was going on with the bike market and I sold it for 400 pounds in the weeks before I left.

Full bike, wheels included lol.

Should have shipped it home and gouged my fellow Americans for 3 times that amount.

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Another £450 slapped on the new Speedmax Disc SLX 8 for UK buyers. Not sure if UK only and whether or not it’s limited to certain models.

I’m on the hunt for a mountain bike (pretty much any trail mtb.) Went into one shop and called 3 today. Was (politely) more or less told “Come back in July.”