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Ride Analysis

Understand your training with powerful ride analytics.

Diving Into the Details

Focus on the data that matters most with performance-defining metrics and a customizable graph. Analyze your power in detail, view or hide specific metrics and zoom in on sections of a ride to get more detail all in one place.

  • Drag an area of the chart to get details of that time frame.

  • Zoom in and select specific sections to get a refined view.

  • Hover over an interval to see a highlighted area on the chart of that effort.

Personal Records

Track your all-time power personal records and those from your current seasons, and see exactly where they happened on your ride. Compare PRs for each ride against all-time, seasons, and custom date ranges.

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Custom Power Zones

Get specific analysis with custom power zones. See how much time you spent within a specific range of power, or create a custom power zone that aligns with the pacing goal of your upcoming event.

Share Your Results

Share your inside workouts to Strava, Garmin Connect, Hammerhead or Training Peaks, and keep a backup of all of your training data on Dropbox with Activity Sync.