Worst Gran Fondo Experience?

70% of the mammoth 100 mile route was closed. I did the 70. Big bear was open but there was a pace car for the start of both and big bear had traffic control at any major intersections


Hey! I did the 70 too! My ride was just about as far away from a bad experience as you could get.

In Mammoth or Big Bear?

I did the Mammoth ride this weekend. Didn’t really know much about Big Bear and that the two rides are sort of a set. But I’m going to look into doing both next year. Maybe…Mammoth is pretty close to Reno. Big Bear, a bit farther.

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The one thing I didn’t get about mammoth was how they had a pace car all the way up the first climb. I think that kept the group together a lot longer which made the overall pace a lot slower. In Big Bear 90% were dropped on the first climb.

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This year’s L’Etape Slovenia. The event was so overhyped it was unreal, but then it was chaos at the start area and at the start line with 1000+ people trying to cram into the small area. Roads weren’t properly closed as quite some cars managed to get onto the road, not mentioning pedestrians who found closed roads ideal for hiking. Feed zones hat boiled water and food and there were no warning signs for dangerous road segments so there were plenty of falls, some with quite serious consequences.

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I did this ride too. Riding from Vancouver to Whistler was always a bucket list item for me since I grew up there (moved to California about 20 years ago).

The event was very well marketed and one got the impression that it was a premium event, so the high priced entry didn’t seem unreasonable. But, they did not live up to their hype which is unfortunate because the route should sell itself.

I’ve never seen so many people bonked out or peeing on the side of the highway along the route. The organizers seem to have massively overbooked and cut many corners to recoup costs, and that ended up manifesting in rider experience.

Organization-wise, this was probably bottom two of the dozens of organized cycling events that I’ve done.