Who's done the wider tyre road experiment?

How did you like the Specialized Roubaix 2Bliss 30/32, apart from the clearance concerns?

I’m doing a 75mi ride in late April that has a few gravel sections (some a bit rough)…guessing 85% (less than pristine) tarmac and 15% gravel. I’m running Vittoria N.EXT now and like them, but was thinking a little more volume of the Specialized tires might be worth losing a few watts. Bike is a Roubaix Expert with advertised 33mm clearance and 23mm internal rims. I think I could fit a measured 36mm tire with 4mm clearance left all around.

Liked them a lot, better than the Pirelli Cinturato. If the rear 32c N.EXT is flat prone, I’ll mount the one sitting on the shelf, but this time on a 21mm internal width rim as that should reduce the expansion and allow fitting on the SL7 rear wheel. Can’t beat the price at $37.49 right now (ExcelSports). @FrankTuna read the reviews on Specialized website. Of note for the SL7 - several “measures to 34mm on 20mm internal width rim” comments.

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I’ll be curious to get your thoughts on the N.EXT vs. Roubaix 30/32.

As per the other thread, I’m running 34mm N.EXT and I’m generally happy with it but I’m always on the lookout for my next set of tires. The Roubaix has always caught my eye. Per BRR, it rolls slower than the N.EXT but the puncture resistance is better.


My current tires still have 500-1000 miles left, probably looking at late March before putting the N.EXT on the bike. I might install the Roubaix Pro on 21mm internal rims with an inner tube, just to see the external width.

I absolutely prefer the Roubaix over the indestructible Cinturato, however I only had the Roubaix on rear tire for 404 miles (about 3 weeks), and the front tire for 1250 miles, maybe 9 or 10 weeks (?). Enough time to form an opinion, but not enough for long term testing.


I have a couple of thousand kilometres on my Roubaix 33. On a 25mm inner width wheel they measure 34.9mm set up tubeless. While they are not as fast as a GP5000S TR, or 34mm PRO ONE, I use these for multi day rides and light gravel rides because they have a 31mm wide tread, which I prefer for wide wheels, and good puncture protection, and still nearly as fast as a PRO ONE or CORSA NEXT


@widerisfaster User name checks out :rofl::star_struck::sunglasses:

Going to give these a shot, especially since they’re on sale ~$38. Thanks!!

Yup, I’m a believer!

Went to 28mm for road in 2016, and 31mm WAM in 2020. DOnt see myself going back to anything skinnier.

For mixed surface rides I have ridden 35mm, 38mm, and 44mm tyres, and while there is an aero penalty of about 1W for each extra 2mm of width at 30km/h, larger sizes open up some great route options.


So, dropping pressures to c.40 psi front and 43 rear has the front starting to feel just a little soft under hard cornering and the bike just a hair more sluggish. Comfort is superb, though.

I’m a big fan of the gp5000, and think they will be my go to tyre from herein, but my sense is 30mm is the sweetspot for the riding I do and my local roads. I think 32 edges 28, however…


Sheet!. I have these in 32mm in my road wheels and love them. Didn’t know 34mm existed!

I’ve got about 200 miles and 10 days on the N.EXT:

  • 28c front, measures 30.4mm on 21mm inner width rim
  • 32c rear, measures 34mm on 21mm inner width rim

Like these better than the Roubaix 30/32, will see how well they hold up with all the road debris.

Prices on the Roubaix have been down around $38/each the last month or two, however I got the N.EXT for $54 each.

How are things with your 34c N.EXT?

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Thanks for the follow up. Out of curiosity, what do you like about the N.EXT over the Roubaix?

My 34s are great. Been putting in a good amount of miles on these with no complaints. Rolls great. Recently had a piece of glass embedded into the tread but didn’t puncture through. There are a bunch of gashes particularly on my rear tire (akin to more racey tires), but it’s been holding up just fine.

I also got them for a great price. With that said, I think I’d have a hard time deciding to go with these again if the price was at/near retail. I’m strongly considering the Conti GP5k All Season TR to replace these, but still a ton of life left on the N.EXT.

Road feel. The Roubaix were like floating over the road. I prefer a little more road feel. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the 4000, 5000 and 5000 TL.

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Got a little too ambitious on a short gravel path while on my 34mm N.EXT. Still holds air just fine but the sidewall bulge is iffy. Trying to decide whether to replace it with another 34mm N.EXT or to try something else. Might be a good time to try out the Roubaix or to splurge on the new Specialized Mondo.


Yea that looks like a lot of riding on sidewall potential on gravel